You will be able to get it for free, here is Harley's new gameplay skin

You’ll be able to get it for free, here’s Harley’s new gameplay skin – Starcaster!

Harley will get a new skin, maybe you already know from the news leak some time ago.

The good news is that you can get this skin for free through an event. This is made clearer by the latest gameplay video of Harley’s new skin – Starcaster.

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New Harley “Starcaster” Skin Gameplay

For free skins, the gameplay is quite interesting because all the skills change. Indeed, in terms of labels, it will likely be like Miya, which comes with a special anniversary label.

Skill 1, skill 2 and Ultimate are very different from existing Harley skins. And it’s worth having.

It is explained at the end of the video that you have to take part in an existing event to get this Harley skin.

This event will take place from September 20 2023 to September 17 2023, quite a long time indeed but of course don’t miss it because of course you can’t get this skin in any other way.

As a new skin, this skin brings maximum skill effects and is very cool, really suitable for use.

Currently, Harley is not too meta with the many Tank heroes on the team, as well as the presence of the Radiant Armor item which erodes his maximum potential.

However, it could be that in the future Harley will get a buff that will make him return to meta. Of course you know the custom of Mobile Legends where new skins usually bring new buffs for the hero.

What do you think the value of this new Mage/Assassin hero skin is? From SPIN Esports 8/10 because it is quite cool and different from other skins.

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