Xingqiu in Genshin Impact: Unleashing the Power of the Hydro Swordsman

Genshin Impact: Xingqiu

Genshin Impact: Unleashing the Power of Xingqiu

As a Hydro swordsman in Genshin Impact, Xingqiu possesses incredible abilities and is a valuable addition to any team. With his versatile skills and support capabilities, Xingqiu becomes a force to be reckoned with in battles. Let’s dive into the details of this remarkable character and explore why he is a favorite amongst players.

Hydro Swordsman

Xingqiu wields a sword imbued with Hydro elements, allowing him to deal immense Hydro damage to enemies. His abilities primarily revolve around Hydro attacks and support, making him an ideal character for creating elemental reactions that can quickly subdue opponents.

Hydro Elemental Skill and Burst

Xingqiu’s Elemental Skill, “Guhua Sword: Fatal Rainscreen,” enables him to summon a rain sword that deals Hydro damage to enemies and has the ability to block incoming attacks. This skill not only deals damage but also provides damage reduction, making Xingqiu a durable character on the battlefield.

His Elemental Burst, “Guhua Sword: Raincutter,” releases a torrent of Hydro swords that continuously damage nearby opponents. The swords also activate the “Rain Swords” effect, adding Hydro damage to normal and charged attacks of the current character.

Support Abilities

Xingqiu’s true power lies in his support capabilities. He can provide constant Hydro damage and healing effects to the whole team, making him a valuable asset in difficult battles. His passive talent, “Hydro Infusion,” lets his Elemental Skill heal allies for a percentage of Xingqiu’s max HP, while also applying the “Rain Swords” effect to them.


Xingqiu is a Hydro swordsman in Genshin Impact with remarkable abilities and support capabilities. With his Hydro-infused attacks, Xingqiu becomes an effective damage dealer against enemies. Additionally, his support skills offer healing and enable elemental reactions, making him a valuable addition to any team composition.

In conclusion, Xingqiu’s versatility as both a damage dealer and support character makes him a highly sought-after pick in Genshin Impact. His ability to deal Hydro damage, mitigate enemy attacks, and provide healing effects ensures that he is always in high demand among players.


Which weapons are best suited for Xingqiu?

Xingqiu performs exceptionally well with weapons that increase Hydro damage or focus on increasing his overall damage output. Some recommended options are “Sacrificial Sword” and “Skyward Blade.”

What are the best team compositions to maximize Xingqiu’s potential?

To optimize Xingqiu’s potential, consider pairing him with characters who can trigger powerful elemental reactions. Some great choices include characters like Diluc, Klee, or Chongyun.

How can Xingqiu be built for maximum effectiveness?

For maximum effectiveness, focus on increasing Xingqiu’s Hydro damage and energy recharge. Equip artifacts that enhance his Hydro damage and choose talents that enhance his support abilities.

Is Xingqiu a viable character for all types of gameplay in Genshin Impact?

Yes, Xingqiu can excel in various gameplay scenarios. Whether it’s exploration, dungeons, or boss fights, his versatile skill set allows him to adapt and contribute to the team’s success.

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