What is the Meaning of Data Roaming? Find Saving Methods, Functions and Tips Here

If you are in an area where the phone is unable to pick up a signal from the mobile operator you are using, the phone will have to ‘roam’ to find another network to connect to. That’s the meaning and meaning of data roaming in general.

That’s what happens when you travel abroad with your cell phone. ‘Data roaming’ refers to a mobile phone connecting to the internet via a different network to the mobile card used.

When abroad, the cellular network you use will charge roaming fees to other networks. So make sure you know how much you have to pay before you travel. Data roaming fees to access the internet will usually be very expensive, and you may not realize it.

However, when using your phone abroad, you can minimize roaming data charges using the following tricks. Make sure the data roaming feature is turned off and reactivate it when you really need it, for example when you want to read email.

Then turn off all push settings in email or social networking apps. Another useful step is to only use Wi-Fi networks to access the internet when you are abroad, to avoid incurring roaming fees.

You usually have to ask for a Wi-Fi password to access the internet. If you need to use your phone frequently while abroad, ask your mobile service provider about available data roaming plans. By using these tricks, you will still be able to enjoy your time abroad without any unexpected additional costs.

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Meaning of iPhone Data Roaming

If you’re going overseas soon and want to keep in touch with family and friends using WhatsApp or Messenger, upload vacation photos to Instagram or keep track of the latest news on your iPhone, you’ll be doing what’s called data roaming. So iPhone data roaming meaning is the term used when you use data on a mobile network abroad.

You use data for anything that involves connecting to the internet, such as checking email, sending tweets, updating Facebook or using Google Maps. A few years ago, using data on your phone abroad meant you would incur unexpected charges.

However in 2023 roaming charges were abolished in the European Union. That means you can use your iPhone in the same way as in your home country where you won’t incur roaming charges. It’s also free to receive calls and SMS when you visit another EU country.

However, if you happen to be in a country outside the European Union such as America, Australia or Japan, you must be careful when using data on your iPhone. You should turn off the data roaming feature on your iPhone. To do this, enter the Settings menu then tap Cellular, or Cellular Data, or Mobile Data. Turn off Cellular Data, then tap Cellular Data Options and turn off Data Roaming.

Before you go abroad, you can buy or rent a SIM card for a specific country or region. Upon arriving at the destination country, replace your current SIM card with a new one. You’ll need the old card when you get back home, so keep it in a safe place.

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Meaning of Android Data Roaming

No different from the iPhone, Android phones also have a data roaming feature. Meaning of Android data roaming also almost the same as the meaning of data roaming in general. Roaming charges will depend on the cellular card used.

meaning of data roaming

Telkomsel’s data roaming package, for example, rates are based on the roaming destination country. The European, United States and Canada RoaMax packages cost IDR 450,000 with a 10GB quota and an active period of 30 days. Then there is the Asia Australia Combo package for an active period of 1 day which charges IDR 150 thousand. For the Telkomsel package, customers will get: 15 minutes of roaming calls, 15 SMS roaming SMS, and 2.5 GB of Internet roaming.

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The 1 Day Asia Australia Overseas Internet Package from Telkomsel costs only IDR 125 thousand where customers will get a quota of 1.25 GB for 1 day of use. For those who are going on Umrah to Saudi Arabia, you can activate the Asia Australia Combo package for Rp. 600 thousand which will provide: 1.75 GB data quota, 30 minutes roaming calls, and roaming SMS for 30 SMS. The package validity period is 7 days.

You can also buy or rent a cellular card while in your destination country. However, when leaving, make sure to turn off the Roaming feature on your Android phone. To do this, open Settings, look for the Network & internet menu, click Mobile network and scroll the slider next to Roaming ‘On’. The interface on Android devices varies between handset manufacturers, so if you can’t find it, search for ‘roaming’ or check the manufacturer’s website.

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Tips to Avoid High Data Roaming Fees

Here are 6 tips to reduce data usage and avoid high roaming charges:

  1. Pay attention to how much data you use

Many phones allow you to set data alerts that will alert you when you’re close to your usage limit. Set the maximum data usage limit as little as possible to save on data usage costs.

  1. Set Data Roaming Limits

You can change your roaming data limit to an amount that suits you. That way, you will feel calm because you won’t miss out on using excessive data access.

  1. Buy a Data Roaming Package

Usually cellular operators offer data roaming packages with many options. You can choose the one that best suits your data needs while abroad. For example, Telkomsel has many data roaming packages according to the destination country. The RoaMax Singapore package from Telkomsel costs IDR 150 thousand and customers will get a quota of up to 100 GB for 7 days of use.

  1. Be careful with how you use your phone

Avoid uploading or downloading images or videos with large file sizes using cellular data, as it can quickly drain your roaming quota. Use wi-fi or download before you go. Also be careful using Google Maps, which requires an active data connection. You can download specific map areas before you go, or use an app like Here We Go (Android, Apple), which works offline.

  1. Turn off app updates

Apps like Instagram and WhatsApp stay up-to-date by updating in the background, meaning your phone can use data without realizing it. Go to the Settings menu, look for Updates and turn it off or only occurs when you are connected to a wi-fi hotspot.

  1. Take advantage of wi-fi

Wi-fi hotspots are readily available in hotels or coffee shops and certain cellular operators sometimes provide unlimited free wi-fi around the world. You can take advantage of this facility to save even more.

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