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If you’re a gamer, you’re probably familiar with Point Blank. This game was incredibly popular a few years ago and gained a massive player base. The author of this content is a fan of the game as well. Playing Point Blank gives you the intense feeling of being in a first-person shooter (FPS) war. Many players spend hours playing this game because of the excitement it brings. So, if you’re curious, let’s learn more about what Point Blank is!

The development of Point Blank in Indonesia has been very successful. Not only do players enthusiastically play the game, but they have also achieved significant accomplishments. The Indonesian Point Blank team recently won the world championship, which is a proud achievement.

Point Blank is a first-person shooter (FPS) game developed by a South Korean company called Zepetto. Zepetto is also responsible for publishing the game. In Point Blank, two teams compete against each other to become the winner. The game’s concept is based on its background story.

The background story of Point Blank is intriguing and revolves around social issues. It begins with the increasing number of immigrants facing difficulties in finding jobs, leading them to resort to criminal activities like robbery and drug distribution. This eventually gives rise to an organization called Free Rebels, which conflicts with the government. In response, the government forms a special organization called CT-Force (Counter Terrorist Force) to deal with the terrorists.

In gameplay, the two teams, Free Rebels (marked in red) and CT-Force (marked in blue), have different roles. Point Blank has servers in various countries such as Russia, Thailand, Indonesia, the United States, and Brazil, ensuring smooth gameplay without interruptions. This has contributed to the game’s widespread popularity in recent years.

Point Blank Indonesia, facilitated by Gemscool, played a significant role in introducing the game to Indonesia. It was officially released in Indonesia in 2009, just one year after its initial release in South Korea. Point Blank quickly gained attention from Indonesian gamers and became a favorite game in internet cafes. As the game was available for free, many people were drawn to it. The game progressed rapidly due to easy access to facilities, allowing players to form teams and play together in internet cafes.

In 2023, Garena took over the management of Point Blank in Indonesia, implementing various improvements to address server-related issues. Garena’s goal was to enhance the gaming experience of Point Blank. However, some players were not supportive of Garena’s efforts, as they resorted to using cheats that undermined the game’s competitiveness. Consequently, some players retired from Point Blank. In September 2023, management of the game returned to Zepetto’s hands, and Point Blank was released by Garena. Fortunately, the game is still easily accessible in Indonesia, and many Point Blank tournaments are held there.

Now let’s talk about favorite game modes in Point Blank. The most frequently selected game modes are Deathmatch, Bomb Mission, Destroy Mission, Madness, Eliminate, Shotgun Mode, Sniper Mode, and Defense Mission.

When playing Point Blank, players have the freedom to choose from various available characters. However, some characters are more commonly chosen than others. Lopez Rica, a female character, has an interesting background story. She was initially a member of CT-Force but defected to the Free Rebels due to false accusations against her. Another frequently chosen character is ViperRed, known for her excellent fighting abilities. She has a tomboyish appearance and wears torn jeans with a brown hat. Tarantula, who comes from the Free Rebels organization, resembles a female soldier in a more intense situation. She wears a head covering with large glasses attached.

Point Blank remains popular due to its many advantages. The game offers a wide range of game modes, with online matches being the most exciting. Players can also choose their battle arenas, such as Under 23, Taipei City Mall, Grand Bazaar, and Burning Hall. Point Blank also features clans, which allow players to join or form their own clans and engage in battles with other clans. The game provides a vast variety of weapons, including AK-47, MP7, Sniper Rifle, P90, and many more.

With this article, we hope you have gained a better understanding of what Point Blank is and are excited to play it. It’s fascinating to explore the game’s history and how it has become so popular in recent years.

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