What is MiFi, how much does it cost and what does it do?

Understanding Mifi

MiFi is the name given to a wireless router device acts as a WiFi Hotspot . MiFi is short for Mobile Wi-FI. In Indonesia, recently we often see the name MiFi in several advertisements, for example Smartfren.

However, there are still many people who don't really know about MiFi itself. MiFi is a wifi hotspot device for share internet services (sharing) where internet access is obtained from a cellular network and then distributed to several WiFi receiving devices such as smartphones, laptops and computers.

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MiFi was first introduced to the public by Novatel Wireless in 2009 which was launched in the United States.

MiFi Function and How It Works

As written above, in essence, MiFi is a device that can share an internet connection wirelessly (without cables), where Internet service sources are obtained by subscribing to internet and cellular telecommunications service providers.

Similar to the Smartphone WiFi Hotspot Feature

Actually, MiFi is the same as the Hotspot or WiFi Tethering feature on smartphones. Where a smartphone shares its internet services via WiFi Hotspot.

If it's the same as a Smartphone WiFi Hotspot, then why buy it?

Even though they are the same, there are several The advantages offered by using MiFi as a WiFi Hotspot.

On smartphones, WiFi Hotspot works by using hardware resources together with other applications including the smartphone operating system itself. Automatically the smartphone battery will run out faster And not to mention the heat that often arises when a WiFi device is used.

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Meanwhile, on this MiFi device, Sharing internet connections can be done more freely because the device is specifically intended to work as a WiFi Hotspot.

MiFi is also very suitable for use in a house with a lot of internet users but who don't want to use internet services from cable internet providers such as Telkom Indihome for example. Because MiFi users only need to install a sim card and subscribe to internet services, which can be monthly, daily or only when needed.

MiFi Price

MiFi has varying prices depending on its features and specifications. Several MiFi brands that are known to some people in Indonesia such as Andromax from Smartfren, Advan, Huawei and ZTE sell their superior MiFi products starting from the cheapest Rp. 200 thousand to the most expensive Rp. 1 Million.

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