What Does Video Streaming and Live Streaming Youtube Video Mean?

Streaming is a word that is often referred to by millennials these days. Literally, streaming meaning namely the procedure for sending content whether in the form of sound or compressed video via the internet which is then played live without the user needing to download it first. So users don’t have to wait for all files to be fully downloaded so they can be played.

Temporary live streaming meaning i.e. a type of streaming audio or video broadcast live via the Internet. So content is delivered when it is recorded which will make it easier for the audience to see or listen live.

Most live streams are transferred via multicasting. Unlike television broadcasts in general, multicast specifically sends content to users who have chosen to watch or listen to streaming. It’s a quick method of transmitting audio or video content to multiple places at once.

The meaning of streaming video usually refers to pre-recorded streaming, namely recording a video first in the form of a file and then uploading it on a video sharing service so that many people can watch it.

The meaning of YouTube Streaming is more or less the same, which allows YouTube users to share videos directly via the live streaming service provided by YouTube.

Video Streaming Meaning

Streaming and Live Streaming

The words “streaming” and “live streaming” are often used interchangeably, although the two have different meanings. The meaning of streaming is to provide media via the Internet that can be played as it is downloaded. Meanwhile, the meaning of live streaming is a specific type of streaming that is broadcast at the same time. Usually live streaming is more personal, as it is, and not important.

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Live streams tend to get up to 10x more viewer engagement than prerecord streams. It’s an experience where video creators “must be present” at that moment. Viewers have the option to provide comments and reactions that are available on the screen in real-time. It is easy to check whether the user is watching a live stream, namely whether the video has a specified length. If there is no end to the video and the user cannot jump forward, then the video is a live stream.

Most live streams also show a “live” sign in a certain part of the screen. It’s just that previously recorded videos may also display a “live” sign so users can be fooled. Most live streaming software also usually offers a live chat interface next to the video display. This feature will make it easier for users to enjoy videos while providing comments or responses from the video.

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Prerecord Streaming

Is to record a video first and then save it to the hard drive, then broadcast it. For example, YouTube places millions of user-owned videos on a server before playing them to other users. There are many prerecord streaming services besides YouTube such as Vimeo, Dailymotion, Metacafe and many more.

Today, YouTube can be said to be the most popular prerecorded streaming website which has hundreds of millions of visitors every day who stop by to watch the various YouTube video content on offer. From YouTube, users can upload their own videos so that other users from around the world can watch them.

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Live Broadcast Videos

This means carrying out a live audio and video recording process where the resulting output will be immediately displayed via the selected application. Live Broadcast itself covers a wide range of things ranging from Live radio, Live television, Internet television, Internet radio, Liveblogging, and not least Live streaming. Live television, for example, is the live broadcast of television production in real-time, as it exists today. Live television can also refer to streaming television via the internet.

In most cases, a live broadcast is as shown on TV, but is not edited and is simply shown as it was recorded before broadcast. Programs broadcast live include news broadcasts, morning shows, awards shows, sports programs, reality programs and, sometimes, episodes of television series.

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Live Streaming Platforms

meaning of streaming video via twitch

Twitch is an example of a well-known live streaming platform, mainly used by gamers who want to broadcast their gaming activities live on the Internet. This platform is also useful for broadcasting live eSports broadcasts.

Then there is personal streaming software, for example Periscope and Facebook Live which allows users to stream live video from their cellphones.

Meanwhile, YouTube Live is an easy live broadcast that can be done by account holders on YouTube which can be watched by millions of other account holders.

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YouTube Live Streaming

Live Video is undeniably one of the most effective ways to deliver content while enhancing online communities. Through live streaming experiences, content creators can present their business and brand directly to viewers, while interacting with them live, while growing their network further.

Until a few years ago, YouTube was a video platform with a focus on video on demand. Users can upload their videos and then share them on their channel. Along with the increasing popularity of YouTube live streaming, Live YouTube has also developed as a live streaming facility for users.

Thanks to YouTube live, users can reach their audience in real time while streaming content about products, Q&As, games, classes, and more. Including the most obvious advantage of YouTube live compared to Facebook Live is the facility to monetize the live stream. Even though Facebook live offers various new features to improve their monetization system for creators, it is still not as easy as on YouTube.

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Live Streaming YouTube TV

live streaming video via youtube tv

Google in 2023 inaugurated a new live streaming service called ‘YouTube TV’. This service provides a lot of premium television content that will be broadcast together with millions of other YouTube content by accessing tv.youtube.com.

YouTube has the intention of targeting the market share of people who don’t even have access to a cable TV subscription by providing alternative channels via YouTube TV. YouTube TV users can use subscription services from several major content providers, such as ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX.

This YouTube live stream is paid at a cost of $ 35 / month. Subscribers can enjoy more than 30 popular TV channels, in addition to sharing a single subscription for up to six user accounts in one family. So each family member will have access to their own personal YouTube account instead of having to share the same account. Thus, each user will be able to enjoy the experience of watching content that is specially made with the ability of content-specific algorithms.

While up to six users can log into one subscription account for multiple YouTube accounts, this live streaming access is limited to only three videos at any given time. This YouTube streaming service also supports the Cloud platform DVR feature which has unlimited storage capacity.

It’s just that the availability of content through the YouTube streaming service is limited by channel broadcasters according to the terms and conditions that apply. Even HBO and Turner Broadcasting have yet to join forces with Google to provide their live streaming channel services. That means YouTube subscribers will not have access to TV channels such as TBS, CNN and TNT, AMC Networks, A + E Networks, and Discovery Communications.

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