Want to practice certain things in Free Fire? you can try this mode!

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Free Fire offers various modes that you can play, not only Battle Royale, which is the hallmark of this game. There are various interesting modes to play.

Not only that, various modes in Free Fire can also be used to support skills when playing Battel Royale. Of course, there are several things that can be observed in each mode.

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What modes can you use to practice your game later for use in Battle Royale mode or other modes in Free Fire? Here is the list!

Lone Wolf – One on One Conditioning Drills

Lone Wolf is indeed a Free Fire Mode that presents one-on-one battles. In this mode, you can use it to practice how to play without the help of friends and only depend on yourself.

Free For All – Barbarian Play Practice

Free For All Mode, you will be faced with a situation where all the players in this mode are enemies with each other. Therefore, fighting barbarically is an option.

Clash Squad – Practice playing as a team at close range

Lastly, you can use Clash Squad Mode to see how the team plays when faced with other teams in various locations, where of course, you can't run away like when playing in Battle Royale.

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