Unveiling the Secrets: Hu Tao Ascension Materials Guide

Unveiling the Secrets: Hu Tao Ascension Materials Guide

Are you ready to embrace the fiery spirit of Hu Tao and ascend her power to new heights? In Genshin Impact, Hu Tao is a five-star character known for her pyro abilities and vibrant personality. To help you maximize her potential, we have prepared a comprehensive guide on the materials required for her ascension.

Ascension Materials:

To ascend Hu Tao, you will need the following materials at various stages:

1. Agnidus Agate Gemstone

This precious gemstone can be obtained by farming level 30+ Pyro Regisvine boss, found in the Luhua Pool area. It is needed for the first phase of ascension.

2. Juvenile Jade

Juvenile Jade is a common material that can be acquired by defeating Geo Slimes or found in the wild. You will need it for the second phase of ascension.

3. Shivada Jade

Shivada Jade is a rare material that can be obtained by defeating level 75+ Electro Hypostasis boss, found at the Violet Court area. It is needed for the third phase of ascension.

4. Vaya Mora

Vaya Mora is a currency in Genshin Impact that can be obtained by completing various in-game activities, including quests, domains, and events. You will need it in large quantities for every phase of Hu Tao’s ascension.

5. Transience

Transience is another material required for ascending Hu Tao. It can be obtained through the “Farewell of Snezhnaya” event or by purchasing it from the souvenir shop using Geo Sigils.


Ascending Hu Tao to her maximum potential requires a well-thought-out plan and dedication. By gathering the required materials such as Agnidus Agate Gemstone, Juvenile Jade, Shivada Jade, Vaya Mora, and Transience, you can unlock her true power. So, embark on this adventurous journey, defeat bosses, explore the world, and fulfill your role as the protector of the flame.


  1. Where can I find the Pyro Regisvine?

    The Pyro Regisvine can be found in the Luhua Pool area. Make sure you are at least level 30 for the fight.

  2. Can I obtain Vaya Mora without spending real money?

    Yes, Vaya Mora can be obtained by completing quests, domains, and events in the game. Keep exploring and participating in various activities to earn it.

  3. What is the “Farewell of Snezhnaya” event?

    The “Farewell of Snezhnaya” event is a limited-time event in Genshin Impact that provides players with the opportunity to obtain valuable materials and rewards, including Transience.

  4. Can I ascend Hu Tao without the required materials?

    No, you need to gather all the necessary materials to ascend Hu Tao and increase her power. Without them, you won’t be able to unlock her full potential.

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