Unveiling The Exclusive Ascension Materials for Kokomi: A Deep Dive Into Her Power

Unveiling The Exclusive Ascension Materials for Kokomi: A Deep Dive Into Her Power

Unveiling The Exclusive Ascension Materials for Kokomi: A Deep Dive Into Her Power

Kokomi, the upcoming 5-star character in Genshin Impact, has been the center of attention for many players.
With her unique hydro abilities and healing powers, Kokomi is creating a buzz in the gaming community. Let’s take
a deep dive into her power and explore the exclusive ascension materials required to unlock her full potential.

Kokomi’s Hydro Abilities:

Kokomi is a hydro character, which means she can harness the power of water as her elemental ability.
Her skills are focused on healing and supporting her team, making her an excellent choice for both solo and
co-op gameplay.

Ascension Materials:

Unlocking Kokomi’s true potential requires a set of exclusive ascension materials. Let’s take a look at
these materials and how you can obtain them:

1. Narukami’s Wisdom:

Kokomi needs Narukami’s Wisdom to ascend her talents. This material can be obtained by completing the
weekly boss fight against the Electro Hypostasis or by trading with the weekly boss materials vendor in

2. Brilliant Diamond Silver:

Brilliant Diamond Silver is a special character ascension material specific to Kokomi. It can be acquired
by completing various quests and challenges in the new Inazuma region, or through battle pass rewards.

3. Spectral Haze:

Spectral Haze is a rare item required to enhance Kokomi’s abilities. It can be obtained by defeating
elite opponents in the Spiral Abyss or by participating in special events and festivals.

4. Gold Inlaid Jar:

Gold Inlaid Jar is another exclusive material for Kokomi’s ascension. It can be obtained through
exploration and looting in the Inazuma region or by completing certain world quests related to the new


Kokomi, the hydro character in Genshin Impact, brings a unique set of skills and abilities to the game.
By utilizing her exclusive ascension materials such as Narukami’s Wisdom, Brilliant Diamond Silver,
Spectral Haze, and Gold Inlaid Jar, players can unlock her full potential and experience the true power of a
healing-focused support character.


Q1: Can Kokomi heal the entire team?

A1: Yes, Kokomi’s healing ability can heal the entire team, making her a valuable support

Q2: How can I obtain Brilliant Diamond Silver?

A2: Brilliant Diamond Silver can be acquired through quests, challenges, and battle pass
rewards in the Inazuma region.

Q3: Where can I find Gold Inlaid Jars?

A3: Gold Inlaid Jars can be found by exploring the Inazuma region and completing specific
world quests.

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