Unlocking the Secrets: Quick Guide to Finding Sponges in Minecraft

Unlocking the Secrets: Quick Guide to Finding Sponges in Minecraft


Minecraft, the popular sandbox game, offers an array of exciting secrets to be discovered, and one such hidden gem
is the sponge. Sponges are incredibly useful for removing water from large areas and can greatly simplify the
process of building underwater structures. In this quick guide, we will outline various methods for finding sponges
in Minecraft that will help you in your adventures.

Methods for Finding Sponges

1. Ocean Monuments

Ocean monuments are the most reliable source of sponges in Minecraft. These structures generate in deep ocean biomes
and are typically made of prismarine blocks. Exploring an ocean monument involves facing various challenges,
including fighting Guardians and Elder Guardians. By defeating these underwater foes, you can earn wet sponges. To
dry them out, simply smelt them in a furnace.

2. Fishing

Believe it or not, fishing can occasionally yield sponges! While the chances are relatively low, it is still worth
trying your luck. Make sure to obtain a fishing rod and find a large body of water. Cast your line and wait patiently
for a bite. Alongside fish, you may just reel in a sponge as well!

3. Villager Trading

Another method to acquire sponges is through villager trading. Look for a cleric villager, as they have the chance
to offer sponges in their trade menu. To unlock the trades, you will need to ensure the villager has a profession
block nearby, such as a lectern or brewing stand. Trading with villagers can be an efficient way of obtaining sponges,
especially if you’re already engaged in village exploration and interaction.


Sponges are valuable assets in Minecraft, particularly for underwater projects. By exploring ocean monuments, trying
your luck with fishing, or trading with villagers, you can unlock the secrets of finding sponges. Experiment with
these methods, and soon enough, you’ll have your inventory filled with sponges ready to assist you with your
construction endeavors!


1. Can I obtain sponges without accessing ocean monuments?

While ocean monuments are the most reliable source, sponges can also be acquired through fishing and trading with
villagers. It may take more time and luck, but it is definitely possible.

2. How many sponges can be found in an ocean monument?

On average, you can find around 30 sponges in an ocean monument, assuming you defeat all the Guardians and Elder
Guardians. This number can vary, so make sure to explore thoroughly!

3. Are there any other uses for sponges?

Besides removing water from large areas, sponges can also be used in creating waterlogged blocks, such as wet
sponges and wet prismarine. These can add unique aesthetics to your builds.

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