Unlock the Power of Sona: Perfect Runes Tailored to Dominate the Rift

Unlock the Power of Sona: Perfect Runes Tailored to Dominate the Rift

Unlock the Power of Sona: Perfect Runes Tailored to Dominate the Rift

When it comes to playing League of Legends, every champion has their own unique set of abilities and playstyle. Sona, the Maven of the Strings, is no exception. This enigmatic support champion has the ability to not only heal and shield her allies but also unleash devastating damage on her enemies. To fully unlock the power of Sona, it’s crucial to carefully choose the right Runes that synergize perfectly with her kit.

The Primary Path: Sorcery

Sorcery is the ideal primary path for Sona due to the numerous benefits it offers. The keystone rune that shines the brightest on Sona is Arcane Comet. Sona’s poke-heavy playstyle activates this rune consistently, causing additional damage each time she hits an enemy champion with an ability.

Alongside Arcane Comet, Manaflow Band is a must-have. It grants Sona a portion of her missing mana whenever she hits an enemy champion with an ability, keeping her topped up and prolonging her presence in the laning phase. Transcendence is another great choice, as it converts excess cooldown reduction into bonus ability power, scaling well with Sona’s supportive nature.

The Secondary Path: Inspiration

For Sona’s secondary path, Inspiration offers unique and valuable options to further enhance her gameplay. Taking Cosmic Insight will reduce her summoner spell cooldowns, making her more versatile in team fights and skirmishes. Additionally, Biscuit Delivery provides sustain in the laning phase through free biscuits that restore health and mana.

For the final Rune in the secondary path, Perfect Timing is an excellent choice. It grants Sona a free Stopwatch that can be upgraded into a powerful Zhonya’s Hourglass. This item dovetails well with her fragility, allowing her to survive dangerous situations and turn the tide of battles.


Sona, as a support champion, excels in team coordination and mitigating damage while providing utility to her teammates. Selecting the right Runes will maximize her potential on the Rift. Choosing Sorcery as the primary path, with Arcane Comet as the keystone, allows for consistent poke and increased damage output. Inspiration as the secondary path complements her supportive playstyle through reduced summoner spell cooldowns and additional sustain. When properly utilized, these runes will unlock the true power of Sona.


1. Can I choose a different keystone rune for Sona?

Arcane Comet is the recommended keystone rune for Sona as it synergizes well with her poke-heavy playstyle. However, you can experiment with other options such as Summon Aery or Phase Rush to suit your preferred playstyle.

2. Why is Perfect Timing a good choice for Sona?

Perfect Timing provides Sona with a free Stopwatch that can be upgraded into Zhonya’s Hourglass. This item allows Sona to survive dangerous situations and potentially turn the tide of battles, making it an excellent choice for her fragility.

3. Are there alternative Rune choices for Sona?

While the suggested Runes maximize Sona’s potential, there is always room for experimentation. Feel free to try other options and adapt to your personal preferences and playstyle.

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