Unlock the Power of Ayaka: Essential Materials and Resources for Ascension

Unlock the Power of Ayaka: Essential Materials and Resources for Ascension

Unlock the Power of Ayaka: Essential Materials and Resources for Ascension

Ayaka, the graceful and elegant character of Genshin Impact, possesses powerful abilities and potential. To maximize her strength and reach new levels of power, players must focus on ascension. Ascension allows characters to surpass their current limits and unlock new abilities. In this article, we will explore the essential materials and resources required to ascend Ayaka to her full potential.

Essential Materials for Ascension

The ascension process for Ayaka will require a variety of materials, including Character Ascension Materials, Talent Level-Up Materials, and Common Ascension Materials.

Character Ascension Materials

Ayaka’s specific character ascension materials can be obtained by defeating specific enemies or opening chests across the Inazuma region. These materials include:

  • Handguard: Dropped by Perpetual Mechanical Array and Maguu Kenki.
  • Narukami Mask: Dropped by Electro Hypostasis and Perpetual Mechanical Array.
  • Vayuda Turquoise Sliver: Dropped by Electro Cicin Mages, Fatui Skirmishers, and Treasure Hoarders.

Talent Level-Up Materials

To enhance Ayaka’s talents, you will need specific Talent Level-Up Materials, such as:

  • Mystic Enhancement Ore: Obtained through Ley Line Outcrops and by defeating certain bosses.
  • Shimmering Nectar: Dropped by Whopperflowers and Samachurls.
  • Teachings of Elegance: Available from Taishan Mansion and Forsaken Rift Domains.

Common Ascension Materials

Additionally, there are common ascension materials required to ascend Ayaka to higher levels:

  • Brilliant Diamond Sliver: Gathered by Mining in Mondstadt or purchased from the Souvenir Shop.
  • Evil Eye: Dropped by Ruin Guards and Eye of the Storm.
  • Divining Scroll: Obtained by defeating certain enemies or completing quests.


To unlock the true potential of Ayaka, players must embark on a journey to gather the essential ascension materials. Defeating powerful enemies, exploring the diverse landscapes of Inazuma, and venturing into domains will be necessary to obtain the required materials. Once Ayaka reaches her maximum potential through ascension, she will become a formidable force in battle and a valuable asset to any team.


1. Can Ayaka be ascended to multiple levels?

Yes, Ayaka can be ascended to multiple levels, with each ascension unlocking new abilities, increasing stats, and raising the level cap.

2. Are the required ascension materials for Ayaka difficult to obtain?

Some specific materials may prove to be more challenging to obtain, as they require defeating powerful enemies or exploring deeper into Inazuma. However, with persistence and strategic gameplay, players will be able to acquire these materials.

3. Is Ayaka a versatile character for all playstyles?

Ayaka’s abilities make her suitable for both melee and support playstyles. With her cryo element and fast-attack speed, she can deal massive damage and freeze enemies, providing invaluable support to her team.

4. How can I optimize Ayaka’s ascension?

To optimize Ayaka’s ascension, focus on obtaining her specific character ascension materials, leveling up her talents, and equipping her with powerful weapons and artifacts that complement her abilities.

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