Unlock the Full Potential of Your Champion: Exploring the Best Runes for Sona

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Champion: Exploring the Best Runes for Sona

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Champion: Exploring the Best Runes for Sona

Sona, the Maven of the Strings, is an enchanting support champion in League of Legends known for her melodic abilities that amplify her team’s strength. As a Sona player, you want to maximize her potential to dominate the game. One way to achieve this is by choosing the right runes. Let’s explore the best runes that can truly unlock Sona’s full potential on the Rift!

1. Primary Rune: Arcane Comet

Arcane Comet is an excellent primary rune for Sona. This rune synergizes well with her abilities, especially her Q – Hymn of Valor. Every time you poke enemies with your Q, Arcane Comet will be triggered, dealing bonus magic damage. It helps to assert your dominance in the laning phase and punishes your opponents for getting too close.

2. Secondary Runes: Manaflow Band and Transcendence

Mana sustainability is crucial for Sona, and that’s where Manaflow Band comes into play. It provides a permanent mana shield when you hit an enemy champion with an ability, mitigating Sona’s mana issues throughout the game.

Transcendence is another fantastic pick for Sona as it grants her bonus ability haste for reaching the cooldown reduction cap. The more ability haste you have, the more frequently you can cast your abilities, allowing you to provide continuous utility to your team.

3. Minor Runes

Inspiration is a great choice for Sona’s minor runes. Taking Cosmic Insight will further reduce her ability cooldowns and increase her summoner spell cooldown reduction, enabling more proactive plays and map control. Additionally, Biscuit Delivery provides sustain in the early laning phase, allowing Sona to stay in lane for longer periods and provide consistent assistance to her ADC.


Choosing the right runes for Sona can be a game-changer in your journey to dominating the Rift. The combination of Arcane Comet, Manaflow Band, Transcendence, and the Inspiration minor runes unleashes Sona’s true potential as a healing and utility support champion.

Remember, each game is unique, and it’s essential to adapt your rune choices based on the team compositions and game circumstances. Experimenting with different rune setups and finding the perfect one for your playstyle will ultimately allow you to harness the full power of the Maven of the Strings!


Q: Are these runes viable in all situations?

A: While these runes provide a solid foundation for Sona’s kit, there might be situations where you need to adjust your choices. For example, if you’re facing a team with heavy crowd control, you might consider taking Legend: Tenacity as a secondary rune instead of Transcendence to enhance Sona’s survivability.

Q: Do I need to build specific items to complement these runes?

A: While the suggested rune setup is effective regardless of item choices, it’s always beneficial to build items that synergize well with Sona’s supporting role. Ardent Censer and Redemption are popular choices, amplifying Sona’s healing and shielding capabilities.

Q: Can I experiment with other runes?

A: Absolutely! The beauty of League of Legends lies in its flexibility. Feel free to experiment with different rune combinations and find what works best for your playstyle and the specific game you are in.

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