Unleashing the Power of Cryo: Dive into the Versatile Qiqi Build

Unleashing the Power of Cryo: Dive into the Versatile Qiqi Build

Unleashing the Power of Cryo: Dive into the Versatile Qiqi Build

Cryo characters are known for their freezing abilities, but Qiqi takes it to a whole new level. As a five-star support character in Genshin Impact, Qiqi shines when it comes to healing and crowd control with her elemental skill and burst abilities. In this article, we will explore the versatile Qiqi build and how to unleash her true power.

The Versatile Qiqi Build

Qiqi’s elemental skill, “Herald of Frost,” allows her to deal Cryo damage to enemies in front of her and apply the Cryo status, which freezes enemies when it reaches a certain level. This makes her an excellent crowd control character, especially when paired with other elemental reactions like superconduct and freeze.

To maximize Qiqi’s potential, it’s important to focus on building her as a support character. Firstly, prioritize leveling up her elemental skill and burst abilities, as these are the key to her freezing and healing capabilities. Additionally, equip artifacts that enhance her healing abilities and increase her energy recharge, enabling more frequent bursts. Artifacts like “Maiden Beloved” and “Noblesse Oblige” are great choices for Qiqi.

Weapon choice can also greatly impact Qiqi’s performance. The “Skyward Blade” is an ideal weapon for her, as it increases her healing effectiveness and provides energy recharge. Other weapons like the “Sacrificial Sword” or “The Flute” also work well due to their healing and energy recharge properties.


Qiqi stands out as an exceptional support character in Genshin Impact with her Cryo abilities and healing prowess. By focusing on her freezing potential and maximizing her healing abilities, players can unleash the true power of Cryo and Qiqi. Experiment with different artifact sets and weapon choices to find the build that suits your playstyle and team composition.


1. How do I unlock Qiqi in Genshin Impact?

Qiqi can be obtained through the game’s gacha system. Players can try their luck on the limited-time character banners or use the Starglitter currency to purchase her in the shop when she becomes available.

2. Can Qiqi freeze enemies alone?

Qiqi’s Herald of Frost ability applies Cryo status to enemies, which can freeze them at certain levels. However, for more effective freezing, it’s best to pair her with other elemental reactions like superconduct or freeze to extend the duration of the freeze and deal additional damage.

3. Is Qiqi only useful as a support character?

While Qiqi shines as a support character due to her healing abilities and crowd control, she can also deal decent damage with her normal and charged attacks. However, her true potential lies in supporting the team and keeping them healthy during battles.

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