Unleashing the Perfect Counter: Best Champions to Beat Jax in League of Legends

Unleashing the Perfect Counter: Best Champions to Beat Jax in League of Legends

Unleashing the Perfect Counter: Best Champions to Beat Jax in League of Legends


In the popular online game League of Legends, Jax is a formidable champion known for his dueling abilities. However, even the mightiest opponents can be conquered by the right counterpick. To help you gain an advantage in the fight against Jax, here are some of the best champions to consider when facing him on the Rift.

1. Teemo

Teemo’s kit makes him a great choice against Jax. His range and ability to kite the foe can frustrate Jax’s all-in attempts. Teemo’s Q ability, Blinding Dart, denies Jax’s auto-attacks, significantly reducing his damage output. Additionally, Teemo’s W ability, Move Quick, lets him maintain distance and avoid getting caught by Jax’s leap strike. The toxic traps set by Teemo can also limit Jax’s mobility and make him an easy target for ganks.

2. Malphite

As the Rock Solid Vanguard, Malphite excels at countering Jax’s physical damage. Malphite’s passive ability, Granite Shield, provides a shield that passively absorbs incoming damage, reducing Jax’s early aggression. Furthermore, Malphite’s E ability, Ground Slam, slows attack speed and movement speed of nearby enemies, reducing Jax’s damage potential. With his natural tankiness and ability to stack armor, Malphite can withstand Jax’s onslaught and effectively shut down his split-pushing attempts.

3. Darius

Darius, the Noxian Hand of Noxus, is another excellent choice against Jax. With his high base damage and true damage passive, Darius can punish Jax in trades. Darius’ E ability, Apprehend, pulls Jax closer, preventing him from escaping or leaping away. By continuously applying pressure and stacking bleed debuffs, Darius can turn the tide of the fight and make Jax regret challenging him.


While Jax may be a formidable champion, countering him in League of Legends is entirely possible with the right picks. Champions like Teemo, Malphite, and Darius possess inherent strengths that can exploit Jax’s weaknesses and tilt the odds in your favor. Remember to adapt your playstyle and build according to the specific match-up, aiming to deny Jax his power spikes and prevent him from snowballing. With practice and strategic decision-making, you can unleash the perfect counter and bring Jax down.


  • Q: Is Jax unbeatable?

    A: No, Jax is not unbeatable. While he is a strong champion, there are several viable strategies and counterpicks that can help you defeat him.

  • Q: Are there any other champions that can counter Jax?

    A: Yes, there are plenty of other champions that have the potential to counter Jax, such as Quinn, Pantheon, Nasus, and Tryndamere. It often comes down to individual playstyles and the ability to exploit Jax’s weaknesses.

  • Q: What should I focus on when laning against Jax?

    A: You should focus on denying Jax farm, avoiding extended trades, and maintaining distance and/or crowd control to prevent his all-ins. Be mindful of his leap strike and counter-engage opportunities.

  • Q: Can Jax be countered in team fights?

    A: Absolutely. Crowd control, burst damage, and strategic positioning can nullify Jax’s impact in team fights. Targeting him with focused CC and burst damage can quickly eliminate him from fights.

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