Unleashing the Counters: Top Strategies to Crush Ashe in League of Legends

Unleashing the Counters: Top Strategies to Crush Ashe in League of Legends

Unleashing the Counters: Top Strategies to Crush Ashe in League of Legends

League of Legends is a strategic multiplayer game that requires players to outsmart and outplay their opponents. One of the champions you’ll encounter on the battlefield is Ashe, the Frost Archer. Known for her long-range attacks and crowd control abilities, Ashe can be a formidable opponent if not dealt with correctly. In this article, we will discuss some top strategies to crush Ashe and gain an advantage in your games.

1. Mobility is Key

Ashe relies on her long-range attacks to deal damage, which means she is vulnerable to champions with high mobility. Champions such as Yasuo, Zed, or Ahri can easily dodge Ashe’s abilities and close the gap between them. Utilize their mobility to your advantage and engage Ashe when she is out of position.

2. Burst Damage Champions

Ashe’s strength lies in her consistent damage output, but she lacks burst damage. Champions like Ziggs, Syndra, or LeBlanc are great picks against Ashe. They can burst her down quickly before she has the chance to retaliate or escape using her Ultimate ability.

3. Crowd Control

Although Ashe has her own crowd control abilities, she is vulnerable to crowd control herself. Champions like Nautilus, Morgana, or Blitzcrank can use their abilities to lock her down, rendering her unable to move or attack. Coordinate with your team to chain CC her and secure an easy kill.

4. Vision Control

As an ADC, Ashe heavily relies on her vision to avoid getting caught out. Deny Ashe vision by placing deep wards in her jungle or using control wards in key areas. This will limit her ability to position safely and make her an easy target for your team to engage on.

5. Counter-Engage

When Ashe uses her Crystal Arrow (R), it can be a game-changer. However, it also leaves her vulnerable for a short duration. Champions with strong counter-engage, such as Janna, Alistar, or Braum, can use their abilities to protect their team from Ashe’s initiation and turn the fight in their favor.


By incorporating these strategies into your gameplay, you’ll have a higher chance of crushing Ashe in League of Legends. Remember to utilize mobility, burst damage, crowd control, and vision control to gain the upper hand in your games. With practice and coordination with your team, you’ll be able to shut down Ashe and secure victory on the Rift.


Q: Can Ashe be played in other roles?

A: While Ashe is primarily played as an ADC in the bot lane, she can also be played as a support or even a top laner in certain situations. However, her kit is optimized for the ADC role.

Q: How can I avoid getting hit by Ashe’s Enchanted Crystal Arrow?

A: Ashe’s ultimate ability is a skill shot with a long range. To avoid getting hit, try to anticipate her arrow’s trajectory and dodge it by sidestepping or using mobility spells. Additionally, positioning behind minions or using a spell shield can also help negate the arrow’s impact.

Q: What are Ashe’s power spikes in the game?

A: Ashe’s power spikes usually occur when she reaches level 6 and obtains her ultimate ability, as it provides tremendous utility for both engaging and disengaging. Additionally, completing key items such as Infinity Edge or Blade of the Ruined King can significantly enhance her damage output.

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