Unleashing Jax’s Weaknesses: Strategies to Counter the Powerful Champion

Unleashing Jax’s Weaknesses: Strategies to Counter the Powerful Champion


Jax is a highly versatile and strong champion in League of Legends, known for his ability to dominate in both top and jungle roles. However, like all champions, Jax also has weaknesses that can be exploited to gain an advantage in the game. In this article, we will explore some effective strategies to counter Jax and unleash his weaknesses.

1. Abuse Jax’s Weak Early Game

Jax’s early game can be quite weak, especially before he reaches level 6. Take advantage of this by picking strong early game champions and zoning him away from farm. Champions with ranged poke or strong waveclear can make his laning phase miserable.

2. Coordinate Ganks

Jax is susceptible to ganks, especially before he gets his ultimate ability. Coordinate with your jungler to gank Jax early and deny him from scaling. Utilize crowd control (CC) abilities to lock him down and burst him to secure kills.

3. Build Armor and Attack Speed Reduction

Jax primarily deals physical damage and relies heavily on attack speed to dish out damage. Building armor can severely reduce his damage output and make him more manageable in team fights. Additionally, items that reduce attack speed, such as Frozen Heart or Randuin’s Omen, can cripple his ability to duel opponents effectively.

4. Save Interrupts for Jax’s Counter Strike

Jax’s Counter Strike (E) is a crucial ability that grants him damage reduction and stuns enemies around him upon activation. It’s essential to save your interrupts, such as stuns, silences, or displacements, for when he channels this ability. Preventing him from using Counter Strike effectively can nullify a significant portion of his playmaking potential.

5. Deny Jax Splitpush Opportunities

Jax excels at splitpushing and taking down turrets quickly. To counter this strategy, communicate with your team and assign someone with teleport or global ultimates to match his splitpush. Grouping up and forcing team fights can put Jax in a difficult position as he has to choose between helping his team or continuing to splitpush.


Jax may be a fearsome champion, but he has exploitable weaknesses that skilled opponents can capitalize on. By abusing his weak early game, coordinating ganks, building armor, saving interrupts for Counter Strike, and denying splitpush opportunities, you can unleash Jax’s vulnerabilities and turn the tide of the game in your favor.


Q: How can I shut down Jax in the jungle?

A: Invade Jax early in the game and disrupt his jungle route. Coordinate with your teammates to collapse on him in his own jungle, deny him farm and experience, and set him behind.

Q: What champions are strong against Jax?

A: Champions with strong early game such as Darius, Renekton, or Pantheon can be effective against Jax. These champions can punish him early on and prevent him from scaling properly.

Q: Can Jax be played in other roles besides top and jungle?

A: While Jax is most commonly played in the top and jungle roles, he can also be played as a mid-lane champion or even as an ADC in specific situations.

Q: Is it worth prioritizing Jax in bans during draft pick?

A: It depends on the current meta and your team’s preference. If Jax is a highly contested pick or your team struggles against him, it can be a good decision to ban him to avoid potential complications.

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