Unleash the Power: 5 Champions That Can Effectively Counter Nasus in League of Legends

Unleash the Power: 5 Champions That Can Effectively Counter Nasus in League of Legends

Unleash the Power: 5 Champions That Can Effectively Counter Nasus in League of Legends

Nasus, the Curator of the Sands, is a formidable top-lane champion in League of Legends who can quickly stack his Siphoning Strike and become an unstoppable late-game force. To overcome his dominance, it is necessary to carefully choose champions that can effectively counter him. Here, we present five powerful champions capable of taking down Nasus and evening out the playing field.

1. Teemo – The Swift Scout

With his ability to constantly harass and poke from a range, Teemo can make Nasus’s farming a nightmare. Nasus relies heavily on his farming capabilities, but with Teemo’s poison darts and blind effect from his Q ability, Nasus will struggle to stack his Siphoning Strike proficiently.

2. Darius – The Hand of Noxus

Darius is a melee powerhouse who excels in short trades and has excellent burst damage. With his Decimate and Apprehend abilities, Darius can zone Nasus and prevent him from safely farming. Be vigilant, as Nasus can still become a threat late game, but Darius’s early aggression can heavily mitigate his effectiveness.

3. Quinn – Demacia’s Wings

Quinn’s mobility and burst damage make her an ideal counter to Nasus. Her Valor ability allows her to quickly engage and disengage, making it difficult for Nasus to catch up to her. Additionally, her range and blind effect from her Q ability can heavily disrupt Nasus’s ability to farm effectively.

4. Jayce – The Defender of Tomorrow

Jayce is a versatile champion capable of both melee and ranged attacks. His poke and burst damage from his range form, combined with his Hammer stance’s knockback, can keep Nasus at bay. Jayce’s ability to out-trade and zone Nasus in the early game allows him to prevent Nasus from stacking his Siphoning Strike.

5. Renekton – The Butcher of the Sands

Renekton is a powerful early game champion who can easily dominate Nasus in lane. His Slice and Dice ability allows him to engage and quickly burst Nasus before disengaging. By using his empowered abilities, Renekton can heavily bully Nasus, denying him valuable farm and preventing his late-game scaling potential.


While Nasus can be a challenging champion to counter, these five champions have the tools to effectively neutralize him in the top lane. Their range, burst damage, blinds, and zoning abilities provide a strong advantage against Nasus’s farming and scaling potential. When facing Nasus, it is crucial to play aggressively early on and deny him the opportunity to stack his Siphoning Strike.


Q: How do these champions counter Nasus?

A: These champions have skills that allow them to harass and zone Nasus, restrict his farming, and prevent him from scaling effectively into the late game.

Q: Can Nasus still become a threat late game?

A: While these champions provide significant advantages against Nasus, it is essential to remain vigilant, as he can still become a formidable opponent if he manages to stack his Siphoning Strike and reach his late-game potential.

Q: Are there any other champions that can counter Nasus effectively?

A: Yes, there are other champions that can pose a challenge to Nasus, such as Vayne, Urgot, and Malzahar. However, the aforementioned champions in this article have proven to be particularly effective against Nasus.

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