Unearth the Ultimate Counter: Mastering Graves in League of Legends

Unearth the Ultimate Counter: Mastering Graves in League of Legends

Graves, the Outlaw, is a powerful champion in the game League of Legends who excels in burst damage and mobility. His unique playstyle, combining ranged attacks and close-quarters combat, can be a formidable challenge to face. However, with the right knowledge and strategy, you can master Graves and turn him into your ultimate counter. Let’s dive in!

Understanding Graves’ Abilities

Graves’ passive ability, New Destiny, grants him True Grit, which increases his armor and magic resist when he takes damage. Utilize his passive by engaging in trades when your True Grit is active to gain an advantage over your opponent.

His Q ability, End of the Line, allows Graves to fire a skillshot that detonates upon hitting an enemy or reaching its maximum distance. It deals damage in a line and can be used to poke enemies, farm minions, or check bushes for potential threats. Mastering the timing and accuracy of this ability is crucial for Graves players.

Next is Graves’ W ability, Smoke Screen, which creates a smoke cloud that reduces enemy vision and slows their movement speed. Use this ability strategically to disrupt enemy positioning, limit their vision during fights, or escape from sticky situations.

Graves’ E ability, Quickdraw, is a versatile dash that grants attack speed and reloads one shell into his shotgun. It can be used both offensively and defensively. Engaging with Quickdraw allows you to close the gap and deliver devastating burst damage, while using it to disengage can help you escape dangerous encounters.

Finally, Graves’ ultimate ability, Collateral Damage, is an explosive shot that deals damage to all enemies in its path. It is an excellent finisher, especially when combined with other crowd control abilities. Timing is crucial when using this ultimate to secure kills or turn the tide of team fights.

Tips for Countering Graves

1. Positioning is key: Graves excels in close-quarters combat, so maintaining a safe distance and poking from range is essential. Engaging in extended melee trades may work in Graves’ favor due to his high burst damage potential.

2. Recognize his reload: Graves has to reload after firing his shotgun. During this brief period, he is vulnerable and has reduced damage output. Capitalize on this opportunity to harass him or counter-engage.

3. Ward effectively: Graves relies heavily on mobility and surprise attacks. Placing wards in areas that provide vision of his potential gank routes and jungle entrances can help you avoid unexpected encounters.

4. Seek crowd control: As a champion with high mobility, Graves excels in skirmishes and duels. Crowd control abilities, such as stuns or silences, can disrupt his momentum and prevent him from unleashing his full damage potential.


Mastering Graves in League of Legends requires a thorough understanding of his unique abilities and playstyle. By learning when to engage, how to position, and which champions counter him effectively, you can unearth the ultimate strategy to dominate Graves players and secure victories on the Rift.


Q: Is Graves better suited for the jungle or bot lane?

Graves is most commonly played in the jungle due to his fast clear speed and ganking potential. However, he can also be played as a bot lane marksman in certain team compositions.

Q: What are some good counterpicks against Graves?

Champions with strong crowd control abilities, such as Nautilus or Leona, can be effective against Graves. Additionally, champions who can poke from range and negate his short-range burst, like Caitlyn or Ashe, can create difficult matchups for him.

Q: How can I maximize Graves’ burst damage?

To maximize Graves’ burst damage, utilize his Quickdraw ability to quickly close the gap between you and your opponent, then unleash a point-blank End of the Line and Collateral Damage for devastating damage output.

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