Transform Your Minecraft World with the New Composter Feature!

Transform Your Minecraft World with the New Composter Feature!

Transform Your Minecraft World with the New Composter Feature!

Minecraft, the popular sandbox game, has introduced an exciting new feature that is guaranteed to revolutionize the way you play – the Composter! Whether you are an experienced player or new to the game, this addition promises to enhance your gaming experience and allow you to take your world-building skills to the next level.

What is the Composter?

The Composter is a special block that enables players to convert various organic materials into useful items. It’s an eco-friendly addition to the game, allowing players to recycle farm produce, plants, and other natural materials that would otherwise go to waste. By composting these items, players can obtain bone meal, a valuable fertilizer used for boosting crop growth and nurturing plants.

How does it work?

To use the Composter, players simply need to put eligible organic materials into it. This can include items like crops, saplings, flowers, and even some food items. As these materials decompose, their progress is visually represented by the Composter’s fill level, which ranges from empty to full. When the Composter is full, players can collect the resulting bone meal by interacting with it. The amount of bone meal collected is based on the level of decomposition reached.

Benefits of the Composter

The Composter opens up a plethora of possibilities in Minecraft. Here are some of the key benefits of using this new addition:

  • Efficient farming: By utilizing the bone meal obtained from composting, players can accelerate the growth of crops and ensure bountiful harvests. No more waiting around for plants to grow!
  • Floral decoration: Bone meal can also be used to instantly grow flowers and tall grass, allowing players to beautify their world with vibrant colors and lush greenery.
  • Tree farming: Want to create a dense forest in your Minecraft world? The Composter can help you grow trees more quickly and efficiently.
  • Reduced waste: Instead of throwing away excess or unwanted organic materials, players can now compost them, minimizing waste and promoting a sustainable gaming experience.


The Composter is an exciting addition to Minecraft that provides new opportunities for both seasoned and new players. By allowing you to convert organic materials into valuable bone meal fertilizer, this feature enhances your ability to farm, decorate, and create stunning landscapes in your world. Embrace the eco-friendly aspect of Minecraft and start composting today!


Q: How do I make a Composter?

A: The Composter can be crafted using seven wooden slabs of any type. Place them in a crafting table in a bucket shape, leaving the middle slot empty.

Q: Are there any materials that cannot be composted?

A: Yes, certain items like seeds, poisonous potatoes, and meat cannot be composted. Stick to farm produce, plants, and flowers for best results.

Q: Can I automate the Composter?

A: Yes, the Composter can be automated using redstone mechanisms. This allows for a more efficient composting process and saves time.

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