Transferring eSIM profiles between Android devices is now easy

Users can now transfer eSIM profiles between Android devices very easily. .

The switch from physical SIM cards to eSIM is gradually gaining momentum. eSIM, integrated into the device, offers potential security advantages.

However, moving eSIM profiles between devices is still a bit of a hassle, often requiring the help of a carrier or a new SIM. Recent developments involving Samsung and Pixel devices hint at a simpler approach.

Reporting from Gizmochina (1/29), Google announced its solution at last year's Mobile World Congress—a new eSIM transfer tool for Android. The tool will allow users to move their mobile plans to a new device safely and quickly without requiring a physical SIM.

While Google didn't provide details or a launch date, users setting up their Pixel 8 devices got wind of its practical implementation as early as October last year. It seems that these tools are now starting to become more widely available.

Recently, users who set up their new Galaxy S24 Ultra using Samsung's SIM transfer tool discovered a new eSIM transfer option during the setup process. According to users, a pop-up appeared on their nearby LG V60 ThinQ, allowing them to transfer the SIM to the Galaxy S24 Ultra by scanning a QR code.

Samsung had previously introduced its own eSIM transfer tool in One UI 5.1, but it was limited to Galaxy devices only. However, recent developments indicate that the eSIM transfer feature for Android will have wider compatibility between brands and models in the future.

While there have been no reports of other brands using this feature, it would not be surprising if Samsung is among the first to adopt it. After all, Samsung and Google have built a strong partnership recently.

However, it's important to note that, currently, T-Mobile is the only carrier confirmed to support this eSIM transfer function in the US. While the increased interest suggests the possibility of wider adoption by other operators, it is too early to confirm for sure.

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