Top Olaf Counters: Strategies to Outplay the Berserker

Top Olaf Counters: Strategies to Outplay the Berserker

Top Olaf Counters: Strategies to Outplay the Berserker

Olaf, the Berserker, is a fearsome champion in League of Legends known for his relentless aggression and incredible dueling capabilities. His ability to stick to his targets and deal massive damage makes him a force to be reckoned with. However, like any champion, Olaf has his weaknesses, and in this article, we will discuss the top Olaf counters and strategies to outplay him.

1. Crowd Control

Olaf relies heavily on his ability to engage and chase down targets. Crowd control effects such as stuns, slows, and immobilization can disrupt his aggression and render him significantly less effective. Champions like Morgana, Lulu, and Nautilus, with their abundant crowd control abilities, can shut down Olaf’s rampage and give your team an advantage in team fights.

2. Kiting

Olaf lacks any gap-closing abilities other than his ultimate, Ragnarok, which grants him temporary immunity to crowd control effects. Therefore, champions with high mobility and good kiting abilities can easily kite Olaf and minimize his damage output. Champions like Vayne, Ezreal, and Caitlyn, with their long-range abilities and dashes, can keep Olaf at bay and slowly chip away at his health from a safe distance.

3. Tanky Champions

While Olaf is known for his ability to shred through tanks, tanks with good crowd control and sustain can survive his onslaught and even turn the tides. Champions like Malphite, Ornn, and Maokai, with their high health pools and tankiness, can withstand Olaf’s initial burst damage and provide time for their team to react and take him down.


Although Olaf may seem like an unstoppable force, there are several strategies and champion picks that can help counter his aggression and turn him into a liability for the enemy team. Crowd control, kiting, and tanky champions can all play a crucial role in neutralizing Olaf’s threatening presence on the battlefield. By implementing these strategies and utilizing the recommended champions, you can gain an advantage over Olaf and secure victory in your matches.


Q: Is it possible to defeat Olaf without crowd control?

A: While crowd control greatly helps in countering Olaf, it is not the only way to defeat him. Champions with high burst damage or sustained damage can also prove effective. Kiting and utilizing mobility skills can keep Olaf at bay, allowing you to whittle down his health over time.

Q: Can Olaf’s ultimate, Ragnarok, be countered?

A: Olaf’s Ragnarok grants him temporary immunity to crowd control effects, making him difficult to stop. However, it does not grant him invincibility, so he can still be damaged and killed. Coordinating burst damage or focusing Olaf as a team can overcome the temporary immunity granted by Ragnarok and defeat him.

Q: What should I do if Olaf is dominating the early game?

A: If Olaf is dominating the early game, try to play passively and avoid extended trades with him. Focus on farming, warding, and creating opportunities for your team by roaming or coordinating ganks with your jungler. It’s important not to feed Olaf any unnecessary kills, as it will only make him stronger and harder to deal with in the late game.

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