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After starting this month with masa Pre-Registration from Heroes of Crown Mobile which is full of various cool prizes for the players (iPhone 13 And Realme Narzo 50A); today, VNG officially launched games the.

What is Heroes of Crown Mobile?

Heroes of Crown (HOC) Mobile is a idle games mobile available for Android and iOS devices. This type of game allows players to always be playing HOC anytime, anywhere, and while they are doing any activity.

As it is games AFKhere players only need to spend a little time to control how the game progresses, and let the system run itself.

One of the features offered by HOC lies in the elements collectible-which consists of hundreds heroes interesting from 6 different types of elements that players can get. The 6 elements are wind, water, fire, light, dark And chaos.

Each element also has grade separately from green, blue, purpleAnd yellow. Element chaos is an exception because he only has grade red. This element is the rarest and can only be obtained when events certain.

Games it is also friendly to play for the players Free to Play because of the features AFK Bonus.

This way, players can still collect prizes in-game even though you are AFK or even when you are offline. Players can also earn gold free just by doing login every day.

Key Features of Heroes of Crown

Short Battles of Maximum Duration 3 Minutes!

Games it is specially designed for gamers

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