The Worst Kadita Build 2024 Top Global, One Combo Kills!

Kadita's build is sick – In Mobile Legends, Kadita is the Queen of the Ocean from Indonesia. Kadita's uniqueness as a half Assassin Mage hero with agile movements and strong endurance makes her increasingly popular among players.

One of Kadita's main attractions is her powerful ultimate skill, capable of hitting a wide area and dealing huge damage. However, controlling Kadita effectively requires practice and in-depth experience.

Only a talented player like God1va from the Aura Fire team can master it in a competitive match. For new players who want to try their luck with Kadita, this short guide to recommended item builds will help you in playing.

Kadita is not only a threat in regular matches, but is also the main choice in big tournaments. His prowess as a roamer with burst damage that is difficult to avoid and precise war initiation makes him very wary of the enemy.

However, to unleash its full potential, it is important to choose the right build according to your role and playing style. By executing the right combo, the enemy can be sure to die at Kadita's hands.

Therefore, players need to find out the most suitable build arrangement for them, including recommended items and emblems to maximize their performance on the battlefield.

Because of this, the Ayocash team has released the following recommendations for the five sickest Kadita build items

Top Global Kadita Build, One Combo Kills!

Kadita, the hero who combines the roles of roamer and mage, has complete CC skills, including Airborne and slow abilities. These two advantages make him an opponent to be reckoned with in battle.

Not only that, Kadita's passive which allows her to get additional HP equivalent to 60% of the total damage she receives makes her even tougher.

However, in order for it to be optimal, it is important to choose the right item. This is the list of top global Kadita items that promise the strongest strength in battle!

Arcane Boots

Arcane Boots are very important shoes in Kadita's build during the early game. With Arcane Boots, you can increase Kadita's magic damage while supporting this hero's abilities. These shoes add extra 40 movement speed.

Not only that, the effect also reduces skill cooldowns, and you will get an extra +10 entry level at the start of the game. This power allows Kadita to quickly finish off Minions, providing a strategic advantage in the course of the game.

Arcane Boots also delivers +10 Magical PEN, which is very useful in penetrating enemy defenses. Therefore, Arcane Boots are the first item to buy before considering other burst items.

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Clock of Destiny

Clock of Destiny is a very important mandatory item for Kadita because it provides dual benefits in increasing damage and endurance.

This item gives the hero additional strength, especially when participating in team battles to capture objectives, such as securing pigeons or participating in ganks.

The special passive Clock of Destiny provides additional 25 Max HP And 4 Magic Power every 20 seconds up to 12 timesand Kadita will get a bonus 5 percent Magic Power And 300 Max Mana.

By using the Clock of Destiny, Kadita will get additional 60 Magic Power, 615 HPAnd 600 Manawhich is very useful in improving combat performance.

Therefore, it is important for Kadita to buy this item in the early game so that she can increase the Magic Power attribute quickly, and the Clock of Destiny can also be a very good starting point before buying other magic items to increase its effectiveness in battle.

Lightning Truncheon

To optimize Kadita's AoE attack potential, players should consider purchasing Lightning Truncheon.

This item can increase the effectiveness of her AoE attacks by spreading magic damage of 50-1000, depending on the amount of mana Kadita has.

The more mana you have, the greater the Magic Damage that will be generated. Additionally, with additions 75 magic power And 400 mana as its main attribute, Kadita will become stronger in facing her enemies.

By utilizing the Lightning Truncheon, Kadita's attacks will be even more deadly and bring victory in battle.

Genius Wand

The Genius Wand is an extraordinary magic item with the ability to provide additional +75 Magic Power And +5% Movement Speed.

Its superior penetration effect synergizes optimally with Divine Glaive. When the enemy purchases magical defense and uses the Divine Glaive item, their magical defense will be converted into magic input at 0.1 percent per point, with a maximum conversion potential of 20 percent.

This means that the enemy's magical defenses become insignificant and will be useless, no matter how big they are, because the Genius Wand and Divine Glaive will overcome them perfectly.

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Divine Glaive

In the late game phase, there is an item that plays an important role as armor penetration and is very effective against enemy tank heroes.

The effect of this item is to change every 1 magic defense of the opponent into 0.1% magic penetration with a maximum limit of up to 20%. Apart from that, the user of this item, namely Kadita, will get an additional 65 magic power and 35% additional magic penetration.

This item is also suitable for use in conjunction with the genius wand, because it has the effect of reducing the opponent's defense and turning it into magic damage. Using these two items will provide a strategic advantage in battles against enemies at the end of the game.

Holy Crystal

Holy Crystal is a mandatory item for the Divine Glaive combo which is Kadita's recommended build item. With a distinctive green color, this item adds magic power of 21%35% based on character level.

Burst with Divine Glaive will produce extraordinarily high magic damage, especially when Kadita reaches level 15. Another advantage is the additional 100 magic damage specifically for Kadita.

Apart from its great magical power, Holy Crystal offers a special passive, namely a combo passive that is suitable for mages. In skill order, magic attacks will increase by 21-35% of the magic damage.

Another passive effect increases magic power by up to 35% while in battle. The higher the magic power, the bigger the bonus.

In the end, the Holy Crystal is the last item that provides magic power with a significant increase. In consecutive skill actions, magic attack can increase by up to 21%-35%.

Hurt Kadita Emblem

As a roamer who likes to steal enemies, the Custom Assassin Emblem is very suitable for Kadita.

The following is the arrangement of the Custom Assassin Emblem specifically for the hero Kadita

Battle Spell Kadita

Kadita is a hero with the ability to control water, has a complete skill set, including burst, blink, and CC. To increase the effectiveness of his attacks, Petrify is the right choice for him.

By using this spell, Kadita can lock on to her opponent and easily perform combo burst damage to give maximum damage to her opponent.

Thus, Petrify's presence can increase Kadita's attack potential and make her more dangerous in battle.

Kadita's Combo Skill One Time Ulti Enemy Killed

Kadita is a mage who relies on the right timing when fighting. A wrong move can make him an easy target for the opposing team. Want to improve Kadita's playing skills? Here are tips and combos for playing Kadita effectively!

  1. Use combos 1-2-Petrify-ultimate, this combo is very effective, especially if there are montage heroes like Tigreal and Atlas on your team. Petrify functions to lock the opponent before Kadita releases a burst attack with her Rough Waves.
  2. Take advantage of Kadita's passive effect to escape, Kadita has a passive effect that allows her to regenerate 65% of the damage she receives. This effect is valid until he is attacked by an opponent and has a cooldown of 30 seconds. By maximizing this passive effect, you will be more resistant in big battles.
  3. Prioritize attacking the opponent's Marksman hero, if your role as Kadita is a roamer who deals damage, it is very important to ambush the Marksman first. You can use a combination Conceal-skill 1-Petrify-2-ultimate to carry out the attack.

That's a complete review of Kadita's sickest build in the global top style. What are you waiting for, let's try it! Guaranteed the attack effect is very powerful!

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