The Ultimate Guide to Countering Miss Fortune in League of Legends

The Ultimate Guide to Countering Miss Fortune in League of Legends

Miss Fortune is a powerful ADC (Attack Damage Carry) champion in League of Legends known for her devastating area-of-effect damage and ability to dominate team fights. However, with the right strategies and understanding, you can effectively counter her and turn the tides of the game in your favor. In this guide, we will provide you with essential tips and tactics to deal with Miss Fortune.

1. Abuse Her Weak Early Game

Miss Fortune’s early game is relatively weak compared to other ADC champions. Her abilities lack the range and damage of other champions, making her vulnerable during the laning phase. Focus on aggressive trading, poking, and denying her farm to limit her late-game potential.

2. Be Mindful of Her Passive

Miss Fortune’s passive ability, Love Tap, allows her to deal bonus damage to a target she hasn’t attacked for a few seconds. Always be cautious of her auto-attacks, especially if she switches targets frequently. Avoid extended trades against her in order to minimize the damage from her passive ability.

3. Dodge and Sidestep Her Q and R

Miss Fortune’s Q ability, Double Up, and her R ability, Bullet Time, are two of her primary sources of damage. Both abilities can be devastating if they hit multiple targets. Make good use of your movement speed and dodge sideways to avoid these abilities. Be aware of her positioning and use the terrain to your advantage.

4. Utilize Crowd Control

Miss Fortune is susceptible to crowd control effects, as she relies heavily on positioning and uninterrupted ability channels. Coordinate with your team to lock her down with stuns, snares, or silences to disrupt her damage output and prevent her from freely using her ultimate ability.

5. Build Armor and Reduce Her Healing

As an ADC champion, Miss Fortune relies on her auto-attacks and physical damage. Build armor and stack items that reduce healing, such as Bramble Vest or Executioner’s Calling, to mitigate her damage and limit her sustain if she relies on life steal.


By following these strategies and understanding the weaknesses of Miss Fortune, you can effectively counter her and gain an advantage in your games. Remember to focus on her weak early game, be mindful of her passive, dodge her key abilities, utilize crowd control, and build armor to reduce her damage. With practice and experience, you will be able to handle Miss Fortune and prevent her from dominating the game.


Q: Which champions are particularly effective against Miss Fortune?

A: Champions with long-range abilities, such as Caitlyn or Ezreal, can safely poke and harass Miss Fortune from a distance. Additionally, champions with strong crowd control, like Leona or Morgana, can easily shut her down during engages.

Q: Should I focus Miss Fortune in team fights?

A: Miss Fortune’s Bullet Time ultimate can deal massive AoE damage, so it is crucial to prioritize her in team fights. Lock her down with crowd control and burst her down quickly to limit her impact on the fight.

Q: How should I play as a support against Miss Fortune?

A: As a support, focus on providing vision control and protecting your ADC from Miss Fortune’s abilities. Utilize crowd control and engage/disengage abilities to control the tempo of the lane and prevent Miss Fortune from freely dealing damage.

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