The most effective counter item against the Marksman Hero in Mobile Legends

The most effective counter item against the Marksman Hero in Mobile Legends

It is important for players to know that the following items are effective counters for Marksman heroes in Mobile Legends and should be purchased when dealing with them.

Some of the items frequently used by Marksman heroes below can be countered with the following defense items, make sure you don't buy the wrong one, Spinners.

Counter Malefic Roar Item

source: MLBB Fandom

The first item to pay attention to is Malefic Roar. This item is quite painful, so you need to pay attention when buying defense items.

The two items we recommend using for counters are Blade Armor and Antique Cuirass.

Both have high Physical Defense, so they can reduce the penetration produced by Malefic Roar. Even though it is not one hundred percent, this is better than using other defense items.

Demon Hunter Sword Counter Item

source: MLBB Fandom

Another item to take into account is the Demon Hunter Sword. This is an item to drain your HP, so you need high HP so you can survive this DHS attack.

These two green items give you a lot of HP which makes you more resistant to survive DHS attacks, the regen provided is also quite strong so it is enough to ward off attacks given by your opponent.

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