The Easiest Way to Check CDMA Smartfren Numbers

Check Smartfren Number, Smartfren, which operates in the field of Indonesian CDMA providers, has followed many developments in the world of technology. The movement that is being carried out by Smartfren is to provide quality CDMA service providers and keep them at economical prices. There are many products that they have successfully created for their loyal customers. What are they?

It has long been known that Smartfren was engaged in a CDMA provider which also made CDMA telephones at very low prices at that time, even now all Smartfren HP products are the latest with their Android-based smartphone technology at low prices. Smartfren HP specifications are also no less than others.

Then create a new breakthrough regarding cheap internet data services offered by Smartfren internet data packages with super fast access speeds and economical prices. From here on, Smartfren’s career continues to improve because the network quality is quite stable.

Until the newest product appeared in the world of internet data packages using the Smartfren Evdo Mifi Modem and Smartfren 4G Mifi Modem devices.

At that time, EVDO network devices were issued in 2 types, namely REV-A and Rev-B, which had different internet access speeds. Because the network or signal type used is different. Internet speed began to develop to 4G then Smartfren until now the newest product is the Smartfren M3Y Mifi Modem which uses the 4G network.

On this occasion we will discuss a problem with users who often experience problems when checking their cellphone number. What’s more, if you are a Smartfren CDMA network user, you want to top up credit to a Smartfren number but don’t know what the number is. Of course you can’t top up credit to a Smartfren number, be it a Smartfren Andromax cellphone or a Smartfren MiFi modem.

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So, you can experience this problem whether you are a Smartfren Andromax HP user or a Smartfren Mifi Modem of various types. It will definitely make it difficult to top up credit on your Smartfren number. So what is the solution or way to check this forgotten Smartfren number? It’s very easy, here’s how:

For those of you who are Smartfren Andromax cellphone users, you can do these three ways:

How to Check Smartfren Number

  1. How to check smartfren numbers by sending SMS. The way to check your Smartfren number is just by typing an SMS like the following: INFO, then send it to number 955. After that you will get a reply SMS from the operator containing your Smartfren number and the amount of credit available.
  2. How to check your Smartfren number via the UMB menu. If the first method of checking your Smartfren number hasn’t been successful or you haven’t received an SMS reply from the operator, you can use this method, namely by pressing the call button, the method is: *995# then many menu options will appear, then select the INFO menu and press OK. The advantage of this menu is that even if our pulse is empty, we can still use this service.
  3. Check your Smartfren number by coming to the nearest Grapari Smartfren. If you still can’t, then it would be nice for you to come to the nearest Smartfren Grapari and ask what the Smartfren number is.

How to Check Smartfren Number on Modem

So, you can check the Smartfren number by using a Smartfren cellphone. If you only use Smartfren services for internet data packages, then the device used is the Smartfren Mifi Modem, then you can do the following methods which are the easiest.

  1. If you are a Smartfren Mifi Modem user, you can see behind the modem cover. Smartfren number information is behind the modem cover.
    Check the Smartfren number in the iPhone application
  2. The second way is that you can use the Smartfren 4G modem application or the Evdo one. First, download the app from the Appstore or Google Play Store. Search with the keyword Mylink M3Y if you use the Mif Smartfren M3Y modem, and other series.
    check the smartfren number in the m3y application
  3. If so, then open the application, but don’t forget to first connect the modem device and your telephone device, whether iPhone or Android: for example the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Then select My Smartfren
    Check the Smartfren number in the application
  4. After that, the menu above will appear when you press the my smartfren button. Then on the display you will see your smartphone number. If you want to see the full details, you can, just click on the top box, a complete Smartfren information display will appear as below!

check the smartfren number in the my smartfren app Once you know what your Smartfren number is, don’t forget to register at just in case you forget your phone number again and you can manage all your Smartfren numbers on the account page. Anyway, this application can also check your Smartfren quota too. so please make the best use of it
my smartfren com registration account

Re-register your cellphone number immediately before it is blocked. Read: How to Check a Prepaid Card Has Registered Successfully or Not

That’s the easiest information on how to check your Smartfren number and you can try it at home. Of course, without us knowing this number, you cannot top up your credit or Smartfren internet data package. If there are questions check smartfren number you can ask in the comments column below. Thank you, I hope this is useful.

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