The Best Offline and Online English Dictionary Application

Dictionary applications are very useful things that greatly simplify life. There are many English dictionary application offline and online available for iPhone and Android. Of course, one is sufficient for translating purposes, but the best must be chosen.

How to choose English dictionary application right? It all depends on what you need from the application. What features in a dictionary app do you need?

Best Offline and Online English Dictionary Application Recommendations

English dictionary application

English dictionary application the first best is It is perfect for learning English, thanks to the simple and easy-to-understand definitions provided in it. The app claims that the definitions are given as if a favorite teacher is explaining the meaning of the words to the user. Each definition has comments about what the word means and when (and how) it should be used. is not only a dictionary app, but also an app for creating your own dictionaries. You can customize the app to help you study. For example, the app can ask you questions about words you’ve learned, and these questions are based on how you and millions of other users have answered similar questions in the past. With this app, learning turns into a game, you can even earn points.

Application selection searching English to Indonesian If you’re looking for a casual dictionary app that looks stylish, look no further than what has to offer. This is a simple and easy to use app that can work offline and also gives you the ability to save words to your own vocabulary list.

The app has a “Word of the Day” feature, and you’ll also find links to very interesting blocks about words and their origins, all entries written in simple, easy-to-understand language. In this application you can learn a lot of new and interesting things!

English Dictionary – Offline

This dictionary app doesn’t look as modern as the others on the list, but for Android device users it will be a very useful tool. Of course, in it you will find definitions for many words and as you might guess by looking at the name of the application, all of them will be available without connecting to the internet.

But there’s one more reason why this app will be a great choice for anyone learning English. With this app, you can create didactic flashcards and study them any time. You can also view a number of lessons on various aspects of grammar and listen to example sentences. You can even play the English version of the Hangman vocabulary game and see how complete your vocabulary is.

Merriam Webster

You need to find the meaning of a word, don’t you know how to spell it – have you ever faced such a problem? If so, know that this isn’t a problem for the Merriam-Webster app – here you can look up words by speaking them into your phone’s microphone! This amazing feature is perfect when you hear a word you can’t understand. With its help, you can find out what a word means, even if you don’t know how it’s spelled.

Merriam-Webster is a well-known dictionary containing very high quality definitions, which are also available offline, among other things. It also lets you create lists of favorite words, learn about “Word of the Day” and keep track of your recent searches.

Google Translate

Google Translate may not be a classic dictionary app, but that doesn’t detract from the app’s usability. This is ideal when you want to know which word to use in a sentence. With it, you can translate a word or even a whole sentence both from your native language and into it.

This application also supports the speech to text conversion feature. In other words, you can say something in English (and other languages) and the app will process your voice and convert your words into text. Another great feature of Google Translate is the ability to process images: if you see a sign where something is written in English, just point the smartphone camera at this inscription. Google Translate will tell you what this entry means!

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