The Advantages of Twisted Fate LoL Mobile as ADC Wild Rift

Sometimes several champions can also be used in different ways. There is support that can become a full ap mid. There is also a mid laner hero who is used as an adc. Depending on the build items you make and how you play well, you can attack your enemies more easily. Here we will discuss champions in the wild rift.

Twisted fate, which usually becomes a mid laner hero with full ap items, turns out to be an adc too. His skill in strengthening his basic attacks makes him a very strong adc. A good way to play with the right build items really helps you in playing wild rift.

Twisted fate can also be an adc, but can also be a mid laner. His skills in strengthening basic attacks and skills that increase attack speed really help him in dealing damage to enemies. By playing well, you can attack your enemies easily. This champion has the advantage of being an adc in the wild rift.

The advantages of twisted fate prove that this champion can become an adc. The advantages of twisted fate can be seen below:

  1. Bonus damage skills
  2. Stuns from basic attacks
  3. High attack speed
  4. Escape skill with vision

It has been summarized by esportsku so you can read it more easily. Twisted fate adc can really carry the team well.

Here we will discuss the advantages of Twisted Fate as an ADC in Wild Rift. This proves that twisted fate can become a strong adc, with the skills you have. Use the right build items, so you can make it even stronger.

Twisted Fate has many advantages if you use it as an adc. You can see it below:


Twisted fate has a skill that makes its attacks have bonus damage. If Kailan uses an item that increases attack speed, Twisted Fate will use that skill more often, because this skill is a passive skill.


Twisted fate also has a skill that can stun basic attacks. Use this skill to stop the enemy, then deal high damage by attacking him continuously. You can also replace it with AoE damage or magic damage, depending on your needs.


Twisted fate has a fairly fast attack speed. This champion also has skills that can increase his attack speed. With this skill, you can attack enemies quickly.


Twisted fate has a skill that can see all enemies on the map. You can use this skill in many ways. You can use it to attack, or to run away from enemies. Of course, with a fairly long cast speed. However, if you use it well, you can run away from the enemy in an instant.

That’s the information regarding the advantages of Twisted Fate as an ADC in Wild Rift, when you use Twisted Fate ADC. This champion has a skill kit that is not very complete, but is very effective in attacking enemies. Also follow our social media on Instagram !

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