Reverie New Bundle Leaks in Valorant

Valorant continues to present several new updates that you can find in the game. As follows, there is a Leak of Reverie’s New Bundle in Valorant, of course, with that you can find out about it this time.

Valorant has indeed become one of the most popular FPS games to play at the moment. This can be seen by the several updates that are continuing to come to the game this time and also seen by several players who are playing the game.

But before you know the explanation below, you can also find out about the Night Market Valorant September 2023. This is certainly interesting for you to know about some price discounts for weapon skins later.

In the following, there is an explanation regarding the leaks for the newest bundle that will be present in the Valorant game. Of course, we will discuss this this time in the article below, see the explanation below.

Reverie New Bundle Leaks in Valorant

As you know, in Valorant itself you will find various interesting updates, of course you can have them later. This can be seen with some of the latest updates for upcoming skins that you can find out later. As follows, there is a Reverie bundle that will be present in Valorant.

The Reverie Bundle will later contain several weapon skins such as:

  • Reverie Guardian
  • Reverie Marshal
  • Reverie Phantom
  • Reverie Classic
  • Reverie Melee

At the moment, it is not known exactly when the bundle will be released soon in the Valorant game. But if we look at the possibility that it will be coming soon after BUNDLE: VCT LOCK//IN Capsule which is currently taking place, of course in Valorant.

That’s an explanation about the new bundle for the Valorant game this time, Reverie. What do you think about the appearance of the Reverie bundle this time for the Valorant game?

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