Reasons Why 4GB RAM Laptops Are More Recommended Than 2GB RAM

As technology develops, laptops are increasingly becoming an inseparable part of everyday life. So, if by chance you are currently planning to buy a new laptop, one aspect that should be taken into consideration is RAM capacity.

As reported on the page, laptops with 4GB RAM or higher are increasingly in demand. Example: Acer laptop with 8GB RAM is increasingly in demand on the market today, because prospective buyers may feel more comfortable if the RAM capacity of the laptop they buy is not 'low'.

In this article, we will discuss the reasons why choosing a laptop with 4GB RAM is more recommended than one that still has 2GB RAM capacity. The following are the reasons:

1. Better Multitasking Ability

Having 4GB RAM provides better multitasking capabilities. Multitasking itself is opening many programs at the same time.

With a larger RAM capacity, the laptop can handle more tasks simultaneously without having to worry about experiencing a significant decrease in performance. This is very important for users who are used to working with several applications or browser tabs at once.

2. Processor performance becomes faster

In executing programs on a laptop, the CPU really needs 'help' from the RAM component as a place to store temporary data.

Therefore, the larger the RAM capacity, the CPU will be able to work more optimally, which will indirectly increase the performance of the processor itself, because the problem of lack of space has been resolved.

Try comparing it with a 2GB RAM laptop, just running a few applications, the temporary storage space is full, as a result the laptop will often experience lag or freeze.

3. Already supports future applications

As technology develops, the computer applications released become increasingly complex in terms of coding, this will of course cause the system requirements to run them to be even higher.

So, with 4GB RAM, this has been anticipated from an early age, so that in the future there will be no significant problems.

4. Minimize Lag and Loading Time

Lags and loading times that are too long can of course disrupt productivity. With 4GB RAM, users can minimize these problems when running applications or opening various tabs in the browser.

On the other hand, if the laptop runs without lag or loads quickly, it will increase productivity, so that work efficiency can be achieved.

5. Compatibility with the Latest Operating Systems and Software

Operating systems and software are continually updated to improve functionality and security. With a RAM capacity of 4GB, the laptop will remain compatible with the latest version of the OS and software used.

Just look at programs like Photoshop where the newer the version, the greater the minimum RAM requirements required. This will of course also happen in other applications later.

So, those are the 5 main reasons why choosing a laptop with a RAM capacity of 4GB or larger is currently recommended.

In fact, if you look at the price, the 2GB and 4GB are not much different, only less than IDR 300 thousand. If your budget is limited, you should postpone your plans to buy a laptop now, and continue saving so you can buy a laptop with 4GB RAM or more.

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