Quality Article Writing Services for Your Website / Blog!!

Articles are the “soul” of a blog/website. Therefore, you need to fill your blog/website with quality articles — which of course will be liked by visitors to your website. Here I provide quality article writing services — written manually — and of course at affordable prices — which can later become the “soul” of your blog/website.


Here are some things I can offer from this article writing service:

1. Original content and written manually by me

I am a blogger and internet marketer who started writing on blogs in 2015. I also often take part in writing competitions, and have won several of them. To be more confident, you can check my writing on this blog >> iOSpedia.net

2. SEO optimization in each article

Every article I write is also optimized in terms of SEO. So not only is it aimed at readers, every article I write is also optimized for the Google search engine — namely by embedding “main keywords” and “derivative keywords” in each paragraph of the article.

3. Adjustment to your website niche

I try my best to write articles according to your website niche or according to your request. However, I myself am more accustomed to writing articles on the themes of business, economics, investment, social media, internet, technology, gadgets and related themes.

4. One revision

If you want to correct an article that I have written, you are given the opportunity to revise it once, for each article. So make sure to check each article that I write carefully first, because there is only one chance for revision.

5. Affordable prices

Even though the articles are written manually, I set a fairly affordable price for this quality article writing service. You can see the price list below:

300 words: Rp. 15,000,-

400 words: Rp. 20,000,-

500 words: Rp. 25,000,-

600 words: Rp. 30,000,-

700 words: Rp. 35,000,-

800 words: Rp. 40,000,-

900 words: Rp. 45,000,-

1000 words: Rp. 50,000,-


– Order 20 – 50 articles: 10% discount

– Order 51 – 100 articles: 20% discount

– Do not accept requests for articles with the themes of gambling, porn, strong drugs and the like, online loans, insurance, trading, as well as those that conflict with state and religious laws.


For those of you who are interested in ordering quality article writing services from me (or just ask questions first), please contact via:

– EMAIL: [email protected]

That's the information about quality SEO article writing services from me for you. Hopefully it's useful, and I'm waiting for good news from you. Oh yes, don't forget to bookmark (ctrl+D) this page, who knows you might need it in the future :D.

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