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Palworld Reaps Controversy Over Its Similarities to Pokémon

Maytiska Omar

Jan. 29, 2024


Game News.ID – Games Palworld, which is currently popular among the public, has attracted controversy because its monster designs are similar to Pokémon. Some fans even made comparisons between the two.

After being released on January 19, 2024, Palworld has exceeded 5 million sales on PC and Xbox. In fact, it has reached 1.3 million player on Steam making it one of the most successful games in early 2024.

However, not for long games Pocketpair's creation has sparked controversy. The reason is, many Pokémon fans are not very happy with the monster designs in Palword. Not a few have compared the two via the X platform.

Palworld Creatures Are Considered Similar to Pokémon Monsters

The similarities between Cattiva Palworld and Clefable Pokémon can be seen from their shapes

“Pokémon with Guns” is the new nickname for Palworld. Some consider this design to be in the realm of plagiarism, but there are also those who feel that Pocketpair is just inspired.

Previously, there were two games on Xbox and Nintendo Switch which are also inspired by Pokémon, namely Temtem and Cromon. However, many of fans This Nintendo game finds similarities between 111 Palworld monsters and Pokémon.

Two post the above shows fans looking for similarities between the two, whether through a single reference or combining multiple monsters. Even user Byo, let's make a video.

Reporting from VGC, several game artist interviewees stated that the character models in Palword could be said to be based on Pokémon models. Starting from the silhouette to the proportions using the same scheme.

Palworld itself is games survivalwhich is very different from games Nintendo made by Game Freak. At Palworld player can collect monsters and give them weapons, build houses, and make medicine to survive.

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Pocketpair Isn't Afraid of the Legality of Its Monsters

Palworld is also nicknamed Pokémon with Guns even though the game is different

Many accounts on X are demanding that Pocketpair committed plagiarism and must apologize or delete games the. However, Takuro Mizobe, CEO of Pocketpair stated that he would take legal action against these accusations.

“Currently, we are receiving slanderous comments against our artists, and we are seeing tweets with death threats.

I have received various opinions regarding Palworld, but all productions related to Palworld are supervised by many people, including myself, and I am responsible for the production.

“I would really appreciate it if you refrain from slandering the artists involved in Palworld,” Mizobe wrote on the X platform.

Apart from that, he also revealed that they have absolutely no intention of taking the intellectual property (IP) of other companies, in this case he means Pokémon.

Reporting from Kotaku, in a separate interview, Mizobe also revealed that Palword took a lot of inspiration from Pokémon as its “great predecessor”. Even so, he still stated that games the creation does not take the IP of the game that has long been famous.

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