Profile and Career Journey of Cr1te, Former EVOS Pro Player Who Officially Joins Alter Ego Ahead of Preparations for MPL ID Season 13

Source: Instagram @evos.cr1te

Team transfers are a common thing in the world esports, including Cr1te. After joining EVOS in 2022 and following a very busy match schedule last year, Cr1te was surprisingly announced as a member of one of the roster for the team Alter Ego.

New on date Last January 20Alter Ego Esports officially issued an announcement regarding the players and coaches who will be deployed MPL ID Season 13 via their YouTube channel.

Uniquely, Alter Ego, the Mobile Legends division, actually announced five new figures who will carry out this mission starting from Tazz, Haizz, Cr1te, until Roundel.

Tazz and Cr1te themselves are former players EVOSHaizz is a graduate of Rebellion Zion and Roundel is a former player from Yasbih Esports who previously defended in the event MDL ID Season 8.

Cr1te's move certainly raises a big question mark among fans?

What was the reason for his move and how has he spent his career as a player? esports? Check out his profile and career journey in the following article!

Complete Cr1te Biodata and Profile

Cr1te or pro player with real name Muhammad Nur Efandy Yusuf This is actually a Mobile Legends player who has actively competed in major competitions since 2019 Then.

Previously, Cr1te was known by his stage name 3yy before finally deciding to replace it with the current one.

Even since his debut, Cr1te has always been seen joining teams esports big, which means showing its capability to become pro player quality.

Source: Instagram @evos.cr1te

Starting from Bigetron, KINGS, EVOS to the latest, Alter Ego, he has explored all of them successfully. But who exactly is this Cr1te? The following is his complete biodata and profile starting from date of birth, religion, roles until hero his flagship!

  • Full name: Muhammad Nur Efandy Yusuf
  • Date of birth: February 17, 2001
  • Age: 23 Years (as of 2024)
  • Roles: Mid Laners
  • Hero Mainstay: Cecilion, Yve, Lunox, Valentina, and Xavier
  • Instagram: @evos.cr1te
  • Team History:
    • 2019 – 2020: Bigetron
    • 2020 – 2022: KINGS Esports
    • 2022 – 2023: EVOS
    • 2024 – Present: Alter Ego

Cr1te Career Journey

Actually at the beginning of his career as pro player In 2019, Cr1te joined Recca Esports for the qualifying round 2019 Esports President's Cup closed.

It's just that fate has not responded because the team only managed to get a ranking of 9-16. But who would have thought that this would be the door for Cr1te to have a career in the world esports further.

A 5 year career path as a person pro playerit turns out that Cr1te has gone through many things, including:

1. Join Bigetron Esports in 2019

It seems that Cr1te's abilities have been quite prominent since the start of his career because he was able to join the same team esports popular in Indonesia, namely Bigetron.

Even at that time, he immediately entered the main team, Alpha, before finally being transferred to Beta.

Unfortunately, while at Bigetron, Cr1te has not succeeded in providing maximum results because of the three competitions he participated in starting from BEKRAF Game Prime 2019, MPL Indonesia Season 4 until MDL Indonesia Season 1 no one has reached the top 4 yet.

2. RRQ Had Given Cr1te the Nickname of Guinea Pigs

Source: Instagram @evos.cr1te

When Cr1te became part of EVOS in 2022, Cr1te expressed an apology because the nickname of the guinea pig from RRQ which still makes an impression on Bigetron Alpha.

This nickname started to be discussed during MPL ID Season 4. At that time, Bigetron managed to beat RRQ Hoshi with a score 2-1. At that time, RRQ Lemon assume that RRQ's first defeat was only a form of experiment.

Because Lemon at that time explained that Bigetron was a guinea pig to test the extent of RRQ players' abilities and this nickname still sticks to this day.

Apparently, one of the reasons why Lemon gave him that nickname was because of Cr1te at that time provoke his anger. This made Cr1te feel guilty and apologized to his former team.

3. Decided to join Kings Esports in 2020

In mid-2020, Cr1te finally decided to join Kings Esports and succeeded in getting his first first place in his career in the event. Good Day Well Played 2020.

In fact, he also appeared quite dominant in prestigious events MDL Indonesia Season 3 with 3-4 winners.

But unfortunately, the last two matches of Cr1te viz MDL Indonesia Season 4 And Nimo TV Mobile Legends Arena Season 3 failed to produce satisfactory results.

4. Parted ways with Kings Esports after WhatsApp chat leaked

After all that happened, Cr1te finally announced his separation from Kings Esports. However farewell This actually doesn't surprise many fans because there have been previous information leaks.

Because there is one chat where Aldean said that EVOS had bought Cr1te then move Vaanstrong to goldlane so that the player transfer process is complete.

5. Appear Dominant with EVOS

Source: Instagram @evos.cr1te

While joining EVOS, Cr1te managed to reach its peak and became increasingly known to many people.

It was first debuted by EVOS at the event MDL Indonesia Season 9 and direct draw attention lots of people up mastery midlaner hero that he has so gameplay what is presented is extraordinary.

This is what makes Cr1te even able to become the top position MVP of the standings at that time and made a name for himself alongside new pro players such as Albert, Clay, Kabuki and Ferxiic.

Moreover, Cr1te managed to win a lot the champion starting from Battle of H3ro, DGWIB Season 12, MDL Indonesia Season 7 and many more.

He has even gone through many events MDL Indonesia starting from seasons 9 to 12. Don't forget that together with EVOS, Cr1te managed to win 3rd place in a national event that was no less prestigious, 2023 Esports President's Cup.

Cr1te Latest News

Source: Instagram @alteregoesports

Even though he managed to appear dominant with EVOS, on December 31 he officially left the team to join Alter Ego.

This happened partly because both EVOS and Alter Ego were carrying out major changes to the transfer market MPL ID Season 13including Cr1te.

However, what is unique is that the joining of Cr1te and other combinations of members in Alter Ego turns out to be called a lot pro player others include Kiboy as a force to watch out for this season.

So, that's the complete biodata, profile and career journey of Cr1te who has now joined Alter Ego. Come on, let's support Cr1te so that he always excels in his new team!

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