Price, Product Advantages and Disadvantages

Printers Now it is no longer just an office operational need. Many people are starting to use it for home purposes. Whether it's for educational or work needs. You are the one who needs recommendations printers Homemakers might consider the Epson L1110.

This is an Epson product from L Series which replaces the L310 series. Of course, the L1110 comes with better features, design and specifications than its predecessor. Check out the complete review of the advantages, disadvantages and price of the product here!

Advantages of the Epson L1110 Printer

Decision to buy printers Of course it must be based on several considerations. One of them is the product advantage factor which definitely offers various features and advantages compared to competitors. So what are the advantages of this product?

Affordable prices

Product price is often the first thing consumers consider before making a purchasing decision. Only after the price, consumers will see the specs and features offered.

The good news is that the Epson L1110 has a price that is quite affordable for all groups. This product is sold for around IDR 2 million. If you hunt on certain days, it is possible that you can get a bargain price marketplace.

Before you doubt the quality of the product because of the price, first understand that the L1110 series is a product category entry level yes.

EcoTank System that Makes it Easy for Users

This product has a unique design compact and simple so it doesn't take up space. You can place it in various corners of the room according to your needs.

Meanwhile, the ink tank also uses the EcoTank system. This means the ink tank is integrated and integrated with the body printers. This condition makes it easier for you to operate printers.

Apart from that, the EcoTank system also minimizes the risk of ink spilling during the process refill not difficult to do, even for beginners.

Ink Efficient

It's useless to buy printers quality but wasteful, right?

You don't need to worry about experiencing wastage problems when using the L1110. However, there is a note, namely that you must use original ink from Epson so that productivity and efficiency are in harmony.

This product uses an advanced ink system, inkjet Epson which replaces the use cartridges conventional. This system allows you to replace each ink color when it runs out very easily. So, there is no more waste because you have to change all the colors at once.

Now, have printers high print performance with cost low is no longer a dream, right?

Print Efficiency

Don't just focus on saving the ink you use, printers This Epson also offers printing efficiency.

This tool is capable of printing up to 7,500 sheets (color) and 4,500 sheets (black and white). What about the printing process?

The Epson L1110 is claimed to be able to carry out document printing processes that do not disappoint. For black pages the speed can reach 10 ipm and 5 ipm for color pages.

Light and Compact

Printers This one has dimensions that are quite light and compact. The size is only 375 x 347 x 169 mm and weighs less than 3 kg.

This makes printers You can move the L1110 easily from one place to another.

Good Print Results

Epson L1110 falls into the category printers entry level. However, the print results are no less good printers other you know. The L1110 series is capable of producing sharper documents and images. The maximum resolution you can get is 5760 x 1440 dpi.

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Disadvantages of the Epson L1110 Printer

Behind the charm printers which has an affordable price, there are several corrections or shortcomings that you need to pay attention to. What are the drawbacks?

Single Function

In terms of price it is very affordable in comparison printers otherwise, it is not surprising that this tool only has a single function. You can only print documents or photos using this tool.

The rest, process copy And scans need other tools. However, I don't think this is a problem due to the price of the product entry level this is very affordable. So, it's natural that it only has a function basic just right?

Roller Components Are Susceptible to Wear

Basically every printers could experience this condition. However, it may be due to the price factor and the components rollers on the L1110 series is quite vulnerable.

This component has the function of pulling paper during the printing process. Long-term use can wear it out and tend to interfere with performance printers.

Maximum A4 printing paper

Another thing that this product lacks is the type of paper or printing media. The L1110 series can print on various media and paper types.

However, the maximum size is only A4 paper. So, its function or use is more limited to standard printing needs. Those of you who need prints above A4 size need to switch to other products!

What do you think? is printers Is the Epson L1110 worth buying and using at home? Make sure to pay attention to the specifications, including the advantages and disadvantages so that you don't buy the wrong one. Hopefully the review above is useful for you.

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