Persona 5: The Phantom

Atlus' focus on pushing the marketing of the Persona franchise has become increasingly strong since the mainstream success achieved by Persona 5. From here they are also still taking advantage of the game's popularity by making various expansion projects, one of the most recent being Persona 5: The Phantom New -off developed specifically for mobile platforms. Handled by Perfect World Games, so far the game has been further overhauled after going through various initial test sessions in China.

With increasingly thorough preparations, there is a big possibility that the game will be ready to be released in 2024. Even though there is no definite confirmation, the game's official page on the App Store in China lists the estimated release schedule as April 11. This schedule is quite specific and could be accurate, even though at the same time there are different plans. Apart from that, there were also rumors that the game would be brought to Japan and globally, but for the initial release it is likely that it will only be specifically for China.

So far the game looks impressive and could even be considered a full Persona game, but the fact that this is still a F2P mobile game certainly still invites skepticism from some groups, especially from western gamers who tend to have a negative impression of mobile games and their microtransaction practices. As long as the developer can ensure a premium gaming experience that is close to the original game and is friendly to F2P players, then Persona 5: The Phantom

Persona 5: The Phantom Apart from that, the game itself also happens to be holding a third Closed Beta session called “Heart Stealing Test”. You can visit the official website HERE for more information.

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