Original Viral No WA Vilmei TikTok

No wa Vilmei Currently, it is being sought after by many fans on social media. Fans expressed various ideas, such as wanting to interact directly, and also to protect themselves from the rise of online fraud in their name.

Therefore, fans are competing to get it Cilimei number, but only a few can get his WhatsApp number. Namely only people who were contacted directly by the management of TikTok artist Vilmei.

Who is Vilmei TikTok?

Vilmei or Meicy Villia (@vilmeijuga) is a celebrity who is on the rise and often shares the same frame as Willie Salim.

Having 16 million TikTok followers has made him one of the successful and quite famous TikTok celebrities, especially among teenagers who are active on the TikTok application. So it's not surprising that many people are looking for it no wa Vilmei.

Apart from being TikTok celebsVilmei is also very active in creating content on YouTube and Instagram about various kinds of content ranging from giving away money, pranks, unboxing goods, cooking to reviews of various things.

Vilmei also has a generous attitude like her boyfriend Willie Salim who likes to share money with the public and his fans.

Vilmei's current activity is creating various content on the internet and even has his own business, namely lahollister which is linked in his Instagram bio called @mandiyukk.

Vilmei Celebrity Profile

This girl of Chinese descent started her social media journey in February 2021, and since then she has become one of the leading influencers in Indonesia.

He is famous for his game content with prizes of millions of rupiah which is consistently uploaded on various platforms such as YouTube, TikTok and Instagram. Before knowing no wa Vilmei TikTok, here are some additional facts about it:

The content focuses on games with prizes worth millions of rupiah. This may include online games, contests, and challenges that allow followers to win lucrative prizes.

With a large number of subscribers and viewers on its social media platforms, it can generate billions of rupiah in revenue every month through advertising, product endorsements, sponsorships and various forms of content monetization.

Even though he has abundant wealth, he is known as a humble and generous figure. This earned him respect as one of the most generous tiktokers in his community.

The following is Vilmei's biodata

Vilmei biodata among others are as follows:

  • Real Name: Meicy Villia
  • Stage Name: Vilmei
  • Place of birth : –
  • Date of Birth: May 20, 1999
  • Age: 24 years old
  • Zodiac: Taurus
  • Christianity
  • Indonesian citizenship
  • Occupation: Content Creator, Entrepreneur
  • Active Years: 2021 – present
  • Height : –
  • Parent : –
  • You : –
  • Spouse: Willie Salim (boyfriend)
  • Education: SMAS Marsudirini graduate in 2017

No WA Vilmei TikTok

Vilmei never reveals his wa or phone number on TikTok. He also never gives out his WA or telephone number on other social media accounts.

Many claim to have succeeded in getting it Vilmei's cellphone numberbut it is important to ensure the validity of the information so that it is not misdirected.

Based on several article and video sources on YouTube, here is Vilmei's WhatsApp number:

  • Vilmei TikTok WA number: 0821-0620-xxxx
  • Vilmei's TikTok: 08876542xxx
  • Latest original Vilmei: 0891128765XX
  • Vilmei Wilie Salim: 082776889XXX

The wa number was deliberately hidden for the time being so that not too many people contacted him, and to protect his privacy from the many fans who wanted to send messages to Vilmei via WhatsApp.

Apart from that, this action also aims to reduce the number of unwanted voice calls from fans. If you want to get Vilmei's WA numberthe only way is to contact him directly via Instagram DM or TikTok.

Apart from that, you can also try to find out their contacts through friends or relatives. However, please remember that Vilmei has the right to maintain personal privacy.

To get artist's WhatsApp number and call Vilmei, you can contact the manager to ask about collabs or for endorsement purposes and so on.

To get no wa Vilmei you can also directly visit their social media accounts. Because, as an influencer, his personal number will definitely be closely guarded so that it does not circulate to the public.

Because to avoid spam and lots of chats which are actually not that important in the midst of your busy life. Therefore, here is the list Vilmei's social media account The original:

Even though many of his followers claim to have Ci Vilmei's real cell phone number, it is currently unclear whether this is true or not.

The number currently circulating is not completely correct. This aims to protect his followers from being deceived by WhatsApp messages in his name.

That is the discussion that we can provide to all users regarding Vilmei's WA number original. So, can the discussion presented above help you in getting the Vilmei number that you have been looking for?

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