ONIC Wins Gemaz Fest 2024, Enlivened by Many Indonesian Artists!

ONIC won Gemaz Fest 2024, this event officially ended on Friday (12/1/2024). This event was also enlivened by Vice Presidential Candidate number 2, namely Gibran Rakabuming Raka.

Entitled Together Achieve Everything, GEMAZ FEST 2024 was successfully held at Hall 5 and 6 ICE BSD, South Tangerang, on Friday (12/1/2024).

GEMAZ FEST 2024, which was held with the aim of accommodating various youth communities ranging from esports to cosplay lovers, was attended by various special guests.

Starting from a row of Cosplayers to Gibran Rakabuming Raka who took part in the Celebrity Fun Match.

Meanwhile, three professional Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) teams in Indonesia, namely RRQ Hoshi, ONIC Esports, and EVOS Legends are also present to compete in the GEMAZ FEST 2024 trophy.

As a result, ONIC Esports successfully won Gemaz Fest, which also marked their first title in the 2024 season after defeating their two competitors.

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Not only that, GEMAZ FEST 2024 is also a debut moment for several new MLBB players who will compete in the Indonesian competition.

For example, RRQ Hoshi's new player, namely John “Irrad” Abarquez, who made his first appearance to strengthen his new team at the GEMAZ FEST 2024 trophy.

Apart from that, there is also one of the ONIC Esports players who was a topic of conversation last season, namely Manuel “Nnael” Simbolon who returned to strengthen the Hedgehog Yellow team after undergoing a successful loan at Geek Fam.

Meanwhile, the RCK team which was strengthened by Rob Clinton Kardinal, Aqsa Aswar, Caitlin Halderman, Vidi Aldiano, and Vior successfully defeated Raffi's team which contained Raffi Ahmad, Alshad Ahmad, Catheez, Meyden, and Gibran Rakabuming Raka.

Even though it was a fun match, both teams showed their best performance which resulted in various tense moments.

Then a row of GEMAZ FEST 2024 Cosplay participants who competed in a total of 14 competition categories displayed their creations.

The excitement of GEMAZ FEST 2024 closed with a series of appearances from guest stars, namely J-Rocks, Lutfi Halimawan, Gerard Liu, and Haiakim.

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