Number 1 Game in Indonesia, Best and Popular Android 2022

Almost every year there are always lots of exciting games that you can find and play. Among the many games, of course there are several games that are favorites for the Indonesian people. So, below we will give you some of the number 1 games in Indonesia specifically for Android users.

These games certainly have a lot of fans, both new games and old games. Of course, this game will bring its own story and excitement for the players.

You can also download this game for free via the Google Play Store. Meanwhile, if you really want more complete features from a game, then you can buy the premium version.

For more details, below we will mention and explain the best games in Indonesia specifically for Android users for 2022.

List of Number 1 Games in Indonesia

Of course, there are several game names that currently dominate, for this reason we have prepared a list of what games they are. So you can play it, and maybe one of these games is the one you often play. You can see more details below.

Free Fire

The Free Fire game is still one of the leading battle royale games in Indonesia, and that fame still exists today. This is probably because the Free Fire game has sufficient minimum specifications, so players can play it easily.

This game is very exciting to play, especially for those of you who really like war and shooting games. What's even more interesting is that the Free Fire game already uses a skill-based hero system, you know. Where players can use their unique skills to defeat their enemies.

Free Fire is the number 1 game in Indonesia currently. In terms of the number of players, nothing can match this game from Garena. Meanwhile, you can see other popular games below.

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One of the puzzle games that is still played very often even today is Homescapes. This game is not only challenging, but also very fun to play.

To be able to play this game, you only need to match 3 of the same icons. In fact, when you can match more than 3 icons, you can get a new skill which can make it easier for you to win a stage more easily.

For those of you who like continuous games, then Homescapes could be one of the best choices. This is because the Homescapes game has lots of levels which get more and more challenging, so you never get bored playing it.

PUBG Mobile

PUBG mobile is a battle royale game that you can play on Android and iOS devices. The PUBG game itself is still one of the most popular games in Indonesia, even today.

This is because the PUBG mobile game has a lot of interesting content for the players to play. Starting from team deathmatch, battle royale, and many more.

Apart from that, this PUBG game also has good image quality with HD graphics. However, this game also has low graphics for cellphone users with mediocre specs

Mobile Legends

The Mobile Legends game is still one of the first and most popular MOBA games in Indonesia. Not only that, this game also has lots of new upgraded content.

The new content that has been upgraded includes the latest UI designs, the newest heroes, and even the newest skins which can also be interesting additions, thus keeping the Mobile Legends game alive and popular to this day.

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Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a real time strategy game that is quite popular in Indonesia. This game will test your strategic intelligence, how you can manage the game well.

If a player starts to take the wrong steps in taking a strategy, then the player must be able to think about what steps to take to restore profits.

Even though it is an old game, Clash Royale still exists today, and is still a favorite game for Indonesian gamers.

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is a new game released by miHoyo. However, even though it is relatively new, it turns out that this game is able to attract the attention of Indonesian gamers, you know.

Genshin Impact offers quite high graphics with interesting characters, so it's not surprising that many gamers like it. This Genshin Impact game presents an action playing experience.

This game always gets the latest updates. Apart from that, the Genshin Impact game presents many new characters and the latest content, so it is not surprising that this game can enter the ranks of number 1 Android games in Indonesia.


The Minecraft game is a game that is full of high creativity from its players. This Minecraft game is still one of the leading games in Indonesia.

This is because the Minecraft game gives players the freedom to do whatever they want. This Minecraft game comes with blocky graphics like Lego.

However, even though it comes with unique graphics, this Minecraft game is able to attract the attention of players, and can even be played by all ages.

These are some Android games that are quite popular in Indonesia. All the games mentioned above, of course, have their own excitement. In fact, you can get these games for free on the Google Play Store. That way, you can easily choose and play Android games according to your wishes.

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The final word

Now you know the best games currently, and a bunch of other popular games. Hopefully the explanation of some of the number 1 games in Indonesia can be useful for you. And if you are interested in one of them, then good luck trying it and feeling the excitement, OK?

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