Novel Review I'm Not What He Wants

For those of you who like romantic love stories but are based on religion embedded in them, you can try reading the novel I don't want, which is the work of Sari Fatul Husna.

And on this occasion we will explain novel reviewer it's not me he wants starting from the identity of the novel, synopsis, intrinsic, extrinsic to the moral message contained in it. Come on, watch it until the end!

Novel Identity It's Not Me That He Wants

Novel Title It's not me he wants
Writer Sari Fatul Husni
Publisher Cloudbooks Publishing
Number of pages 360 pages
Book Size 14×20.5 cm
Category Fiction
Publication Year 2022
Book Prices Rp.99,000,-

The novel I'm not the one he wants is a work written by a talented young writer named Sari Fatul Husna and this novel will be published in 2022 by PT. Cloudbooks Publishing.

Where this novel has a book thickness of around 360 pages with a size of 14×20.5 cm and you can get this book at a price of only IDR 99,000.

Synopsis of the novel I'm Not What He Wants

In My novel review is not what he wants We will also explain the synopsis of the novel, where this synopsis will help you to understand the contents of the novel in outline only.

The novel I'm not what she wants tells the story of a pious woman named Aiza Humairah who is a beautiful girl who adheres to her religion and she secretly likes a handsome man named Fakhri Alfarazel.

Fakhri is the dream man of one campus who has been widely talked about, he also has many proud achievements. No one knows Aiza's feelings for Fakhri because Aiza always keeps them hidden.

He only told his story to his God, namely Allah SWT. Aiza graduated as a young graduate, she has a commendable attitude, Aiza is aware that she doesn't want to make Allah jealous because of her feelings for Fakhri.

Therefore, he tries to restrain his feelings, and let love flow by itself and he remains obedient in lowering his gaze towards the opposite sex. And he just prayed that Allah would grant him what he wanted.

One day, a man came to her house and intended to propose to Aiza, of course Aiza was shocked and felt in a dilemma. Aiza wants to refuse, because in her heart there is already one name, namely Fakhri.

Soul mates are indeed God's secret and unexpectedly the one who proposed was Fakhri and Aiza accepted Fakhri's proposal and happiness came, how happy she was on the day of the contract. However, after the agreement those hopes were dashed.

The day after the wedding, when they moved house, it turned out that Fakhri said they had to separate rooms. Aiza was shocked and Fakhri was always angry when asked why. And Fakhri often leaves wounds in Aiza's heart.

However, Aiza's love always endures and it is surprising to find out that the person she wants to preach is her older sister Arisha. And Fakhri proposed to Aiza because he was venting his disappointment because Arisha had accepted another man's proposal first.

So what was their relationship like in the end? Will Aiza be able to melt Fakhri's heart? Or is there something else that makes their story fail? Come on, you can see it directly in the novel, it's not me he wants!

Intrinsic Elements of the Novel It's Not Me Who He Wants

In novel reviewer it's not me he wants We will also explain the intrinsic elements in it and here is the complete explanation:


The theme raised in this novel is a religious love story whose love is one-sided.

2. Characters and characterization

  • Fakhri, he is the main male character who is selfish, has many achievements and does not think about other people's feelings
  • Aiza, she is a pious girl who is kind and patient
  • Arisha, is Aiza's older sister who Aiza loves very much
  • And many other characters

3. Flow

The plot used in the novel Not Me, what he wants is to use a mixed plot where there is a forward plot and a backward plot in it.

4. Time setting

The time setting used in this novel is from college and graduation to marriage.

5. Setting the place

The settings used in this novel are on campus, in the canteen, at Aiza's house, at Aiza and Fakhri's house, in the car and many other settings.

6. Point of view

The point of view used in this novel is a mixed point of view where there is a third person point of view and also a first person point of view.

7. Language style

The language style used in this novel is light and easy to understand by all groups.

8. Mandate

The message contained in the novel is not to blame fate and take care of a woman's feelings because after you lose you will feel regret and of course sincerity is the key to accepting everything.

Extrinsic Elements of the Novel It's Not Me Who He Wants

Apart from the intrinsic elements in this novel review, we will also explain the extrinsic elements of the novel and the following explanation is:

1. Social Value

The social value contained in this novel is Aiza's attitude of always being patient with Fakhri's treatment which always leaves wounds in her heart until she has completely exhausted her patience.

2. Moral Values

The moral value in this novel is Fakhri's attitude of playing with a woman's day and getting married just because he is disappointed and this is an outlet that is not a good attitude and is detrimental to all parties.

Advantages of the Novel It's Not Me Who He Wants

Here are some of the advantages of the novel It's Not Me That He Wants, including:

  • This novel not only tells about love but also presents the Islamic values ​​contained in it
  • The storyline is not long-winded
  • The use of language is light and easy to understand by all groups
  • The conflict presented is quite light and easy to understand

Disadvantages of the Novel It's Not Me Who He Wants

Apart from the advantages, this novel also has disadvantages and the following is a complete explanation:

  • There are still some spelling errors
  • And this is what makes some readers feel uncomfortable

Moral Message of the Novel It's Not Me Who He Wants

That marriage is not just about love, but in marriage we will be faced with various problems and challenges that need to be faced together, the commitment and effort needed to realize the importance of faith in family.

The final word

That's the explanation regarding novel reviewer it's not me he wants Starting from identity to moral messages, hopefully this is useful!

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