Not Red Bull, Lando Norris secures future with McLaren Racing after 2025

McLaren Racing's contract extension with Lando Norris marks a strategic move for the team, ensuring stability and continuity beyond the 2025 season.

McLaren Racing has taken a significant step in securing its future in Formula 1 by expanding its partnership with Lando Norris through a multi-year contract extension.

This move not only strengthens Lando's commitment to the team but also emphasizes McLaren's dedication to developing talent and increasing competitiveness in the world championship. With this announcement, it's almost certain that we won't be seeing Lando Norris wearing a Red Bull uniform any time soon.

“It feels great to be able to stay on the papaya (team). I grew up with McLaren and it is like home, this team is like family to me. The journey so far has been enjoyable, there have been ups and downs, but last season showed our desire to be back competing at the front of the grid.” – Lando Norris

With positive achievements in the 2023 Formula 1 season and a strategic vision for the future, McLaren's contract extension with Lando Norris marks an important moment in the team's journey.

Contract Extension after the 2025 Formula 1 Season

McLaren Racing has strengthened its partnership with Lando Norris through a multi-year contract renewal, following the 2025 Formula 1 season. British racer Lando Norris previously committed to McLaren on a four-year deal in February 2022, indicating a long-term relationship with the team. You can find the full press release from McLaren here.

Norris' important achievements in the 2023 Formula 1 season include securing 205 points and taking sixth place in the Drivers' Championship. His performance in 2023 consists of six second-place finishes, an impressive podium position at the British GP, and a third-place finish at the Qatar GP.

“Last season we saw the important role Lando played with his impressive turnaround and I can't wait to continue this partnership with more podiums.” -Zak Brown, CEO of McLaren Racing

McLaren emphasizes its dedication to nurturing young talent, as demonstrated by this contract extension, ensuring the presence of the best drivers at least until the end of 2026. McLaren also shows its commitment to increasing competitiveness through significant investment in infrastructure, including the construction of wind tunnel infrastructure and new simulator.

Norris' loyalty and experience are considered very important for McLaren in the future, especially in maintaining the positive momentum from the previous season. Statements from important figures such as Lando Norris, Zak Brown (CEO, McLaren Racing), and Andrea Stella (Team Principal, McLaren F1) reflect enthusiasm and certainty. This announcement strengthens McLaren's ambition to regain pole position in Formula 1 races.

Why is the contract duration not stated?

Duration of contract with vibes mysterious now seems to be a trend. Previously, Ferrari announced its contract with Charles Leclerc with the same strategy, without stating when their contract would end.

Some fans said that it was for the “safety” of their team, in case another team approached their driver. Previously the Red Bull team principal had openly shown his interest in Lando Norris, and he even said that Red Bull had discussed with Lando a possible move (to Red Bull).

McLaren didn't want any surprises from Red Bull (or any other team) so they didn't include the length of the contract in their announcement, like Ferrari did when announcing Charles Leclerc's contract extension.

A strategic move for future stability with their new investments in infrastructure

McLaren Racing's decision to extend the contract with Lando Norris is a strategic move aimed at ensuring stability and continuity within the team. Norris, known for his extraordinary talent and promising performances, has been a key asset for McLaren since joining the team in 2019.

Furthermore, McLaren's commitment to developing young talents can be seen from its decision to extend the contract not only for Norris but also for Oscar Piastri. The focus on developing and retaining talent reflects McLaren's long-term vision for continued success in Formula 1.

“(Lando Norris) Together with Oscar (Piastri), our pair of drivers who really caught the eye will play an important role in achieving the target of advancing to the front of the grid. They have impressed in their first season together and I look forward to continuing the hard work with them both on this exciting journey.” -Andrea Stella, McLaren F1 Team Principal

In addition, McLaren's investment in infrastructure, such as a wind tunnel and new simulators, shows the team's dedication to increasing competitiveness. These advances strengthen McLaren's determination to optimize performance both on and off the track, setting the stage for continued success in the seasons ahead.

Sentiments expressed by key figures at McLaren, including Lando Norris, Zak Brown and Andrea Stella, underscore the confidence and enthusiasm surrounding this contract extension.

McLaren Racing's contract extension with Lando Norris is a strategic step aimed at ensuring stability and continuity within the team. With a focus on nurturing talent, investing in infrastructure and maintaining a competitive edge, McLaren is poised for success in the upcoming Formula 1 season.

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