NO LIMITS New Bundle for Valorant Game!

As we know, Valorant continues to bring new updates to its game. This time, there is interesting news about the New NO LIMITS Bundle Game Valorant! Let’s check the schedule in this article for

Of course, Valorant players already understand well that this game continues to make the latest updates to increase the excitement of playing. These updates bring exciting features, providing exciting new experiences for players.

Of course, you can also find a more detailed explanation in the article, but you can also find out about How to Get Prizes to Watch VCT Masters Tokyo Valorant this time. So that later you can find out the explanation.

In this article, we are going to tell you about the New Valorant Game Bundle called NO LIMITS! To get more detailed information, let’s follow the detailed explanation below so that you can find out.

NO LIMITS New Bundle for Valorant Game!

Of course, within the Valorant game itself, we’ve seen a number of updates keep popping up. One example is the newest bundle called NO LIMITS, which will be available in the Valorant game from September 15 to September 27 2023.

The NO LIMITS will later contain several weapon skins such as:

  • NO LIMITS Specters
  • NO LIMITS Bulldogs
  • NO LIMITS Ghost
  • NO LIMITS Vandals
  • Bat (Melee)

This bundle will be launched simultaneously with the VCT Masters Tokyo tournament. For this time’s Bundle, the weapons in the bundle will be priced at 1275 VP, while Melee will be priced at 2550 VP. Apart from that, this bundle also includes prizes such as buddy and playercard.

That’s the explanation about NO LIMITS, the newest bundle in the Valorant game. With that explained, you can now find out more about this bundle. What do you think about this explanation regarding the newest bundle in the Valorant game?

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