Nikke, here are the details!

Games Goddess of Victory: Nike announce Laplace as Nikke (the name for the character in the game Goddess of Victory: Nikke) their newest SSR which will be launched for the first time on September 24, 2023. Laplace will be present in Special Recruit replacing the Helm character which was released last September 10.

About Laplace

Laplace — Nikke with Class Attackers and weapons RL: Hero Syndrome — is part of an elite squad Missiles, dead, which utilizes the most advanced technology the company has to offer. As the first Nikke produced to be incorporated into the Matis, Laplace was appointed as squad leader.

Laplace knew full well the importance of the role he played, and firmly believed he was a hero of the highest caliber. In his eyes, a hero like himself had to fight alone to reclaim the surface together with his fellow Matis members. Laplace believed that sacrificing oneself for the welfare of the world was the greatest form of heroism. This mindset stems from his view of the differences between humans and Nikke.

However, Laplace’s great enthusiasm could sometimes cause others to mistakenly think that he had delusions of grandeur such as considering himself to be the figure of the ‘Chosen One’. But ultimately, Laplace’s goodness shines through in his heroic behavior on the battlefield, and he is seen as a true hero in every sense.

How to Get Laplace Characters

Commanders can get Laplace through Special Recruit starting September 24 2023 after maintenance has finished, and is available until September 8 2023 at 2:59:59 WIB. To access it, visit Lobby → Recruit → Special Recruit.

There are two ways to get Laplace, namely by getting it directly through Special Recruit using Gems or Advanced Recruit Vouchers, or by exchanging 200 Gold Mileage Tickets for 50 Laplace Molds at the Mileage Shop which are then used to claim the Laplace character.

Latest Events: High Tech Toys and Hero Road

In addition to the launch of the Laplace character, on the same date, Commanders who have completed Chapter 16 (Normal Mode) can continue their Main Story to Chapters 17 and 18.

The latest Story Event is entitled ‘High-tech Toys’ will also start, where Commanders have the opportunity to get [Hero Dice] for use in Mini Games ‘Hero Road’. Get Recruit Vouchers, Advanced Recruit Vouchers, and various other attractive prizes. Players can also get High-quality Molds, Advanced Recruit Vouchers, and various other free prizes just by logging in for 7 days at the event ‘7-day Sign-in’.

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