Most Effective! How to Restore Permanently Deleted Photos

Photos are one of the best media for immortalizing moments in life. What often happens when someone cleans a photo gallery is that they accidentally delete very important photos permanently. So how do you restore permanently deleted photos?

For those who are experiencing this, you don't need to worry about losing memories of important moments because of accidental actions.

Because even though the photos have been permanently deleted from the cellphone's memory, there are still alternatives that can be used to recover them. Let's look at the following explanation:

Restore Photos Using Google Photos

One of the best alternatives is to use Google Photo. This method is very easy to do, especially if you don't need to download the application first because usually the Google Photo application already exists on any brand of Android device.

The Google Photo application, which is already available on every Android, will work automatically to save videos and photos that have been stored on the device within 60 days. However, the condition is that Android owners don't forget to activate and synchronize file backup to their Google account.

So the initial settings when you first use Android are very important for the security of your data. Steps to restore permanently deleted photos are as follows:

  1. First of all, please just open the Google Photo application on your Android device.
  2. Next, please click the three line icon on the top left side of the Google Photo application home page.
  3. Then select the trash option (usually marked with a trash can icon).
  4. On the trash page, several trash photo files that have been deleted by the Android owner will be displayed. Photos that have been deleted will usually be protected by the application for the next 60 days. If there is no recovery during that time, the photos will no longer be able to be recovered.
  5. Then please search for the photo you want to restore.
  6. If you have found it, just click and hold the photo until a check mark appears.
  7. Next, please select the recovery option (circular arrow).
  8. Wait a few moments until the recovery process is complete.
  9. That way, deleted photos will appear in the device gallery again.

Recover Deleted Photos Using Applications

Apart from using Google Photo, another alternative that can be used is to use third-party applications.

The following are several recommended applications for recovering permanently deleted photos:

1. Deleted Photo Recovery Free application

The first application is the Deleted Photo Recovery Free application. The recovery process using this application is very easy and fast. By using this application users do not need to root.

To use it, users only need to install the application and then open it. Next, the user just needs to scan all the photos on the Android device. Wait for the scanning process to complete. Then the photo will automatically return to the gallery.

2. Dumpster App

To recover permanently deleted photo files, you can also use the Dumpster application. The way the Dumpster application works is almost the same as the cloud which can automatically back up photo files in the device gallery.

The backed up photo files will go in the Dumpster bin folder. So when a file is deleted, the user can easily restore it by checking the Dumpster bin folder and restoring. However, the condition is that before the photos are deleted, the user must have used this application.

That's the explanation of how to restore permanently deleted photos. Users can choose to use Google Photo or other applications such as the two applications described above. However, before something like this happens, it would be a good idea if the photo owner had anticipated this by backing up important files.

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