Mobile Legends Tier List: The Ultimate Guide to the Best Heroes in Each Tier

Mobile Legends Tier List: The Ultimate Guide to the Best Heroes in Each Tier


Mobile Legends is one of the most popular mobile games, offering intense team-based battles and exciting gameplay. When it comes to succeeding in Mobile Legends, choosing the right heroes for your team is crucial. In this article, we provide a comprehensive tier list that ranks the best heroes in each tier, helping you make informed decisions while assembling your ultimate team.

Tier List

Below is the tier list of heroes in Mobile Legends:

SS Tier

  • Gusion
  • Esmeralda

S Tier

  • Kimmy
  • Hayabusa

A Tier

  • Kagura
  • Lancelot

B Tier

  • Eudora
  • Miya

C Tier

  • Roger
  • Balmond


Selecting the right heroes can significantly impact your team’s chances of victory in Mobile Legends. By referencing this tier list, you can choose heroes that are considered strong in their respective tiers. However, keep in mind that player skills, strategy, and teamwork also play vital roles in achieving success in the game.


Q: Are heroes in higher tiers always better than those in lower tiers?

A: Not necessarily. While heroes in higher tiers are generally considered stronger, player skill and familiarity with a particular hero can outweigh tier rankings in certain cases.

Q: How frequently is the tier list updated?

A: The tier list is updated periodically as the game evolves and new patches are released. Keep an eye on official announcements or reputable sources for the most up-to-date tier rankings.

Q: Should I only choose heroes from the top tiers for my team?

A: While top-tier heroes are recommended, it’s also important to consider team composition, role balance, and personal comfort with a hero. Experiment and find a mix that suits both your playstyle and the team’s overall strategy.

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