Mastering the Art of Counterplay: Top Champions That Give Camille a Run for Her Money

Mastering the Art of Counterplay: Top Champions That Give Camille a Run for Her Money

Mastering the Art of Counterplay: Top Champions That Give Camille a Run for Her Money


Camille, the Steel Shadow, is known for her incredible mobility, burst damage, and lockdown potential. She excels at isolating and picking off vulnerable targets. However, like any champion, Camille has her weaknesses, and some champions can give her a hard time in the Summoner’s Rift. In this article, we will explore some top champions that can counter Camille and provide advice on how to outplay her.

Top Champions That Counter Camille

1. Malphite – This tanky top laner can withstand Camille’s burst damage and lockdown potential. His passive shield and high armor make him a formidable opponent, and his Ground Slam slows Camille’s attack speed, reducing her damage output. Building armor items like Frozen Heart or Randuin’s Omen further strengthens Malphite’s advantage against Camille.

2. Teemo – Known for his annoying poke and blind mechanic, Teemo can make Camille’s life miserable in the top lane. By constantly harassing her with his Toxic Shot and using his Blinding Dart during trades, Teemo can shut down Camille’s damage and make it difficult for her to farm. Additionally, Teemo’s Move Quick ability makes it hard for Camille to catch up with him.

3. Fiora – A skilled Fiora player can outduel Camille in the top lane. Her Riposte ability can block Camille’s Precision Protocol (Q) and her Grand Challenge (Ultimate), making it difficult for Camille to burst her down. Fiora’s true damage from her passive, Duelist’s Dance, also bypasses Camille’s high armor and deals significant damage.

4. Poppy – Poppy’s tankiness, crowd control, and ability to deny dashes make her a great counter to Camille. Her Steadfast Presence can interrupt Camille’s Hookshot (E) and prevent her from engaging or escaping. Poppy’s Heroic Charge can also knock Camille away when she tries to engage, disrupting her combos.


While Camille is a strong champion, she is not invincible, and there are several champions that can give her a run for her money. Malphite, Teemo, Fiora, and Poppy are among the top champions that can counter Camille’s strengths and exploit her weaknesses. Understanding how these champions work and adapting your playstyle accordingly can help you master the art of counterplay against Camille.


Q: Can Camille be countered in other roles besides top lane?

A: Yes, while Camille is primarily played as a top laner, some champions can counter her in other roles as well. For example, Morgana’s Black Shield can prevent Camille from engaging effectively as a support.

Q: Are there any specific strategies to follow when playing against Camille?

A: Yes, when facing Camille, it’s important to avoid prolonged trades and focus on short burst damage. Additionally, staying close to walls and avoiding narrow spaces can limit her mobility and make it harder for her to engage or escape.

Q: Does Camille have any weaknesses that can be exploited?

A: Camille is weak against champions that can deny her mobility or burst her down quickly. Crowd control effects, armor stacking, and champions with abilities that can block or dodge her attacks can give you an advantage in a matchup against her.

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