Mastering Soraka Rune: Unleash the Power of the Star Child

Mastering Soraka Rune: Unleash the Power of the Star Child

Mastering Soraka Rune: Unleash the Power of the Star Child


Soraka, the Star Child, is a celestial support champion in the popular online game League of Legends. Known for her ability to heal and provide sustain to her team, she is a valuable asset on the battlefield. While Soraka’s abilities and playstyle are important, choosing the right rune combination can greatly enhance her effectiveness. In this article, we will delve into mastering the best rune setup for Soraka to maximize her potential.

Rune Paths

Soraka benefits most from the Resolve and Inspiration rune trees. The Resolve tree provides sustain and durability, while the Inspiration tree offers utility and enhancement of Soraka’s supportive nature.

Primary Path: Resolve

  • Keystone Rune: Aftershock – This rune provides Soraka with bonus resistances and an explosion of damage after immobilizing an enemy with her E ability, Equinox. It enhances her survivability and punishes enemies for trying to engage on her.
  • Secondary Runes: Font of Life, Bone Plating, and Unflinching – Font of Life allows Soraka’s allies to gain health when attacking enemies she has impaired. Bone Plating reduces incoming burst damage, increasing her overall durability. Unflinching grants bonus Tenacity and Slow Resistance, increasing her mobility and resistance to crowd control effects.

Secondary Path: Inspiration

  • Rune Shard: Biscuit Delivery and Time Warp Tonic – Biscuit Delivery provides health and mana sustain in the laning phase, allowing Soraka to stay in lane longer. Time Warp Tonic increases her potion effectiveness and grants bonus movement speed after consuming a potion, making her more nimble and able to escape or chase down enemies.


Soraka’s strength lies in her ability to provide consistent healing and sustain to her team. The Resolve and Inspiration rune paths further enhance her supportive playstyle by increasing her durability, sustain, and mobility. Mastering these runes will allow you to unlock the full potential of the Star Child and become an invaluable asset in your team’s success.


  1. Can Soraka be played without the Resolve and Inspiration rune paths?
  2. While it is possible to experiment with other rune paths on Soraka, the Resolve and Inspiration trees are the most optimal choices due to their synergy with her supportive nature. It is recommended to stick to these paths for the best results.

  3. Are there any alternatives to Aftershock as the primary keystone rune?
  4. Aftershock offers the best combination of survivability and damage for Soraka. However, if you prefer a more offensive playstyle, you can consider taking Summon Aery as the primary keystone rune. This will increase your poke damage and enhance your healing power.

  5. What other secondary runes can be considered for Soraka?
  6. If you want to focus more on utility, you can opt for the Cosmic Insight rune instead of Biscuit Delivery and Time Warp Tonic. Cosmic Insight grants reduced cooldowns on summoner spells, item actives, and the Ultimate ability, allowing you to provide more utility to your team.

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