Master the Art of Jungle Domination with Our Top Lee Sin Rune Recommendations

Master the Art of Jungle Domination with Our Top Lee Sin Rune Recommendations


Lee Sin, the Blind Monk, is a high-skill champion in League of Legends that excels as a jungler. His versatility and ability to make impactful plays make him a popular choice among players. To enhance his abilities and dominate the jungle, choosing the right runes is crucial. In this article, we will recommend the top Lee Sin rune choices to help you maximize your jungle dominance.

Best Primary Runes for Lee Sin

For the primary path, we recommend Precision as it provides the necessary damage and sustain for Lee Sin:

  • Keystone Rune: Conqueror – This rune synergizes well with Lee Sin’s kit, allowing him to stack bonus attack damage and heal for a portion of his damage dealt.
  • Triumph – Triumph grants additional health and a burst of healing when you secure a takedown. This rune can save your life in intense skirmishes.
  • Legend: Tenacity – Lee Sin is susceptible to crowd control, and Legend: Tenacity reduces the duration of immobilizing effects, increasing his overall survivability.
  • Last Stand – When you are low on health, Last Stand grants bonus attack damage, making you deal more damage and potentially turn the tide of battle.

Secondary Runes for Lee Sin

For the secondary path, we recommend Domination to further enhance Lee Sin’s burst potential:

  • Taste of Blood – This rune provides sustained healing whenever you damage enemy champions, helping you stay healthy during jungle clears and skirmishes.
  • Zombie Ward or Ghost Poro – These two runes offer extra vision utility. Zombie Ward provides wards when you destroy an enemy ward, while Ghost Poro grants free vision after staying in a bush for a period.
  • Ravenous Hunter – With Ravenous Hunter, Lee Sin’s abilities heal him for a portion of the damage dealt. This rune significantly improves his sustain throughout the game.


Mastering Lee Sin requires precise decision-making and mechanics, but having the right rune choices can give you a significant advantage in the jungle. The recommended runes will allow you to deal more damage, sustain better, and dominate your opponents. Experiment with them, adapt to different matchups, and aim to continuously improve your game as a Lee Sin player.


1. Can I use other rune paths for Lee Sin?

While the recommended runes provide great synergy and benefits for Lee Sin, you can experiment with other paths if they suit your playstyle better. However, be mindful of Lee Sin’s strengths and weaknesses to ensure effective rune choices.

2. Are there alternative Keystone runes for Lee Sin?

While Conqueror is the preferred keystone for Lee Sin, Electrocute and Press the Attack are viable alternatives. Electrocute provides additional burst damage, while Press the Attack helps in melting tankier opponents.

3. Which secondary runes should I prioritize?

The recommended secondary runes in the Domination path focus on sustain and vision utility. However, if you prefer a more aggressive playstyle, you can consider runes like Sudden Impact for increased lethality or Eyeball Collection for extra bonus AD.

4. Do runes alone determine success with Lee Sin?

No, runes are just one aspect of mastering Lee Sin. Proper mechanics, map awareness, and decision-making are also crucial for success. Practice your ward hops, skill combos, and learn when to make impactful plays to truly dominate the jungle with Lee Sin.

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