Master the Art of Countering Graves – A Comprehensive Guide

Master the Art of Countering Graves – A Comprehensive Guide

Master the Art of Countering Graves – A Comprehensive Guide


Graves, the outlaw-turned-gravedigger, is a versatile champion in League of Legends. With his shotgun, he can burst down enemies while simultaneously sustaining through fights. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore effective strategies to counter Graves and minimize his impact on the game.

Understanding Graves’ Strengths

Before diving into counter strategies, it’s crucial to understand Graves’ strengths. He excels in both sustained damage and burst potential, making him a threat in extended fights and skirmishes. His passive, True Grit, grants him additional bonus armor and magic resist when he remains in combat, increasing his tankiness.

Countering Graves in Lane

Graves is frequently played in the jungle, but he can also be found in other roles such as top lane. To counter Graves in lane:

  • Pick champions with high crowd control abilities. Graves relies heavily on his mobility to survive and deal damage. Crowd control skills can disrupt his movement, making it easier to land skill shots or avoid his burst.
  • Avoid fighting in close proximity. Graves’ auto-attacks deal more damage if they hit the enemy at close range due to his shotguns. Maintain distance and use ranged pokes to whittle him down.
  • Monitor his ammo. Graves’ abilities consume ammo, forcing him to reload. Take advantage of this brief window of vulnerability to engage or trade with him.

Countering Graves in the Jungle

When facing Graves in the jungle, consider the following strategies:

  • Ward aggressively. Graves’ ganks are potent, especially with his ability to dash through walls using his Quickdraw. Proper vision control will allow your team to track his movements and avoid unexpected ambushes.
  • Invade his jungle. Graves relies on farming efficiently to scale into the mid to late game. Coordinate with your team to invade his jungle, steal his camps, and deny him experience and gold.
  • Pick champions with good dueling potential. Graves is a formidable duelist, but certain champions can outmatch him in a one-on-one scenario. Champions like Lee Sin, Olaf, or Xin Zhao possess strong dueling abilities and can contest Graves effectively.


Graves can be a challenging champion to deal with, but by implementing the counter strategies mentioned above, you can gain an advantage against him. Remember to capitalize on his weaknesses, such as his reliance on close-range auto-attacks and reload times. Additionally, coordinating with your team and utilizing vision control can greatly diminish Graves’ effectiveness in the game.


1. What are some champions that counter Graves in the bot lane?

Champions like Caitlyn, Jhin, or Ashe can effectively poke and maintain distance from Graves, minimizing his potential to engage and burst them down.

2. Does Grievous Wounds affect Graves’ sustain from his passive?

Yes, applying Grievous Wounds to Graves will reduce the effectiveness of his passive’s bonus healing from True Grit.

3. How can I deal with Graves’ Smoke Screen ability?

Graves’ Smoke Screen can be frustrating to deal with, as it significantly reduces your vision. Utilize abilities that reveal areas or champions within the smoke, such as Lee Sin’s Sonic Wave or Oracles Lens, to mitigate its impact.

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