List of Heroes Most Suitable for Using Fleeting Time Items in MLBB!

List of Heroes Most Suitable for Using Fleeting Time Items in MLBB!

Fleeting Time is an item that is classified as situational for Mage heroes, and only a few heroes make good use of it. However, the existence of Fleeting Time cannot be ignored because it has a passive effect that reduces the cooldown of the Ultimate every time you get a Kill or Assist.

Statistically, this item has quite a beneficial effect, namely:

  • +70 Magic Power
  • +15% Cooldown Reduction
  • Passive: Killing an opponent or getting an assist will reduce the cooldown of Ultimate by 30%.

Then, who are the suitable heroes to use this item? The following is a list of the best heroes who can take advantage of Fleeting Time in Mobile Legends.

Hero Suitable for Fleeting Time Atlas MLBB

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Atlas has an excellent Ultimate for initiation, even though he is a Tank. However, he can use this Mage item as long as it has sufficient resistance. It is recommended to use this item in the mid-late game as the 4th or 5th item.


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Kaja has an effective Ultimate and the opportunity to get a kill or assist is very big. As a Gold Laner, Kaja can use Mage items to increase damage from Ultimates and attacks.


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Johnson, who relies heavily on Ultimate, can also take advantage of Fleeting Time. Like Atlas, give Johnson defensive items first to withstand enemy damage. Use this item in the mid-late game when he can function as a good initiator.


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Diggie also relies on his Ultimate to protect his colleagues from CC's influence. Therefore, Fleeting Time is very suitable for making Ultimate Diggie can be used repeatedly.

Suitable Hero for Fleeting Time Angela MLBB

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Angela relies heavily on her Ultimate, which gives her high mobility. In teamfight situations, using Heartguard will increase your chances of getting a kill or assist. Therefore, Angela should buy Fleeting Time after Ice Queen Wand (for support) and Dominance Ice (if roamer).

This is a list of Mobile Legends heroes who are very suitable for using the Fleeting Time item. The passive effect of this item provides an additional advantage for these heroes who rely heavily on the use of their Ultimate in battle.

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